NY Jets prepared to go all-in on Lamar Jackson this offseason

NY Jets, Lamar Jackson
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The NY Jets could be looking to make a major splash addition at the quarterback position this offseason in the form of former NFL MVP Lamar Jackson. At least, that's the pipedream.

Jackson is set to be a free agent at the end of the offseason and his future with the Baltimore Ravens is very much in question following multiple stalled contract extension discussions over the last year or so.

SNY's Connor Hughes recently discussed the Jets' plan for the quarterback position this offseason and he mentioned Jackson by name as someone the organization is eyeing. Of course, that all depends on whether or not Jackson is actually made available.

But if the Ravens are willing to listen to trade offers, it seems as though the Jets are prepared to go all-in on the former All-Pro QB.

"If he is made available and the Ravens are willing to listen to offers, the Jets will do everything they can to position themselves to make a very compelling offer for Lamar Jackson."

Connor Hughes

The NY Jets believe Lamar Jackson would make them Super Bowl contenders

Hughes insists that the Jets would be "first in line" to trade for Jackson should the Ravens actually entertain offers this offseason, and he believes that they'd stand a good chance at landing him.

General manager Joe Douglas and head coach Robert Saleh know that their jobs are on the line this offseason. They know that if they don't fix the quarterback position and reach the postseason in 2023, their time in New York is likely over.

While players like Derek Carr and Jimmy Garoppolo are obviously more realistic, attainable options, the Jets won't hesitate to make a move for a superstar quarterback if they are made available. The Jets are willing and hoping to go big-game hunting.

Hughes contrasted the Lamar Jackson situation to the Deshaun Watson situation from a couple of years ago. The Jets never seriously considered trading for Watson (even before the allegations) because they didn't want to part with the draft capital necessary to land him.

The Jets believed that they needed those draft picks to help build a competitive roster. Now, entering the 2023 offseason, the Jets don't feel that way anymore. They believe that their roster is strong enough to compete for a championship with the right quarterback.

A former MVP, Jackson remains one of the most dynamic playmakers in the NFL. He's dealt with some injury issues over the last two seasons, but there's no denying his talent and ability when he's on the field.

There's been no direct indication to this point that the Ravens will make Jackson available this offseason. However, either the Ravens or Jackson is going to have to budge on contract demands.

Jackson is looking for a fully guaranteed, Deshaun Watson-like deal. The Ravens, an organization that is historically stingy with guaranteed money, have balked at that idea. One of the two sides is going to have to give in to make a deal happen.

The Jets will have their fair share of competition if Jackson does become available. There will be no shortage of teams interested in trading for a quarterback of his stature, but Douglas and the Jets are seemingly willing to be as aggressive as necessary.

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Don't get your hopes up about the Jets trading for Lamar Jackson, but if he does become available, expect the Jets to do more than just their due diligence this time around.