5 reasons why Derek Carr should be the top QB target for the NY Jets

NY Jets, Derek Carr
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The NY Jets will be searching for a solution at the quarterback position yet again this offseason, and there will be no shortage of potential options. Of the realistic targets, however, Derek Carr is the most appealing.

The nine-year NFL veteran will be looking for a new home this offseason after a near-decade spent with the Raiders organization. A quarterback of his caliber is sure to have his fair share of suitors, but the Jets should be at the top of that list.

The Zach Wilson era is seemingly over after less than two full years while the Mike White experiment came to a crashing halt this past Sunday.

The Jets need a capable quarterback who can help them win some games. After all, this is an organization that hasn't made the playoffs in 12 years now. Over those 12 years, Jets quarterbacks have posted an NFL-worst 76.1 passer rating.

It's clear that the Jets need a quarterback, and Carr makes the most sense.

1. Derek Carr has been a consistent top-15 quarterback

For all of Carr's criticisms, it's hard to ignore the success he's found with the Raiders despite being saddled with atrocious defenses and poor offensive lines. Carr ranks top-15 in pretty much every stat since 2015.

He's finished no worse than 14th in QBR in each of the last four seasons, has the 10th-lowest interception rate in the league since 2015, and has posted the 13th-best completion percentage in that time frame as well.

By all metrics, Carr is a top 12-15 quarterback. As for his career 63-79 record, one might point to the fact that Carr has literally never had a top-20 defense in his entire time in the NFL. Carr puts up points — his organization has consistently let him down.

Derek Carr isn't Patrick Mahomes and he never will be, but he's a very good quarterback who would immediately make the Jets legitimate contenders. That much shouldn't really be up for debate.