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Justin Fried, Site Expert

Justin Fried is a young, passionate sports journalist looking to share his enthusiasm and passion for football and other sports with the media world. He began covering the Jets as a Contributor for The Jet Press in August of 2017 before becoming an Expert for the site in January of 2019. He has also been an Expert at Golden Gate Sports since April of 2019. Contact him via email at
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Chris Nass, Contributor

Chris is from Germany. He first became familiar with the NY Jets unknowingly while watching the series "The King of Queens" when Doug Heffernan forced himself to wear a skin-tight Jets t-shirt.

Additionally, he is addicted to Fantasy Football.
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Mason Smoller, Contributor

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Tyler Capossela, Contributor

20 years old. Aspiring, behind-the-scenes, writer. Computer Science/Mathematics major. Die-hard Jets fan.
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Mike Mitchell, Contributor

I am a lifelong football fan. I was born and raised in New York. I have written about the NFL and various other football leagues for different sites, dating back to 2001. I am an active member of Scribophile.
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Brian Rudman, Contributor

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Richard Louis, Contributor

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Adam Melendez, Contributor

Penn State 2019.
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Jonny Bisby, Contributor

Jonny is an enthusiast for all things sport, passionate about writing and bringing a fresh take to some of football's hot topics.

Allen Settle, Contributor

Allen Settle covers the New York sports market as a writer at Fansided. He has covered the New York Mets at Rising Apple since 2018. He has also written for Daily Knicks and The Jet Press since 2020. Previously, Allen contributed to Golden Gate Sports, covering the Bay Area teams in California. Use to contact Allen for business inquiries or comments.
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Carson Hathaway, Contributor

Christian Agathis, Contributor

Sam Stolz, Contributor

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Rob Mackoul, Contributor

A passionate and knowledgeable fan of the New York Jets. Firm, firm believer in Same Old Jets - it's a real thing!!!
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Sean Basile, Contributor

What's going one everybody! I'm Sean and I'm a recent Rutgers graduate now going for my Masters in Legal Studies at Arizona State. I've played baseball my entire life and still do to this day. I love talking sports and predicting games, so hopefully I can offer some helpful insight into a field I believe I know a little something about. Personal site is "Resurgent Sports" on WordPress. Make sure you check that out as well. Thank you!
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Sponsored Content, Contributor

Alex Wendling,Contributor

Journalism Student from Westchester County, New York. I am a life long Jets fan passionate about covering the Green and White for Fansided.

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John Meleka, Contributor

-Co-Host of @KnicksJetsEtc. Podcast -Staten Island -Federal Attorney -Sports Addict (Not seeking Treatment)
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Steven Blush, Contributor

I worked for years as a music journalist and now write books and films. Gang Green diehard since 1988. NYJ down for life. #nyjdfl
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Stephen Nixon,Contributor

Formerly of Bleacher Report, The Sportster and ESPN TrueHoop Network Blog.
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