Derek Carr and the 3 most realistic QB options for the NY Jets in 2023

NY Jets, Derek Carr
NY Jets, Derek Carr / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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The NY Jets' quarterback room could look vastly different in a few months from now. The franchise will once again be in search of a solution at the quarterback position after what can only be described as a failure of a 2022 season for that specific position.

The Jets entered the year with high hopes for second-year QB Zach Wilson who was looking to rebound from a lackluster rookie season. Unfortunately, the exact opposite happened.

Wilson self-destructed and firmly established himself as one of the biggest busts in recent NFL history. While the Jets insist they aren't done with Wilson, it's all just coach speak. It's highly likely we never see Wilson take the field for the Jets again.

That means the team will have to enact a new plan for the 2023 season. Perhaps that plan involves a player currently on the roster. Perhaps it involves an external addition. Either way, Wilson is out of the equation.

While many would love to see the Jets go out and trade for someone like Lamar Jackson, such a scenario remains highly unlikely for a number of reasons.

The same could be said for Aaron Rodgers or even Tom Brady. Rodgers' contract makes any potential trade unlikely while Brady choosing to sign with the Jets seems a bit farfetched. They're all possible, sure, but none are exactly likely.

We're here to talk about the likely outcomes. The three most feasible and realistic plans the Jets could formulate for the quarterback position.

These options may not be the preferred scenarios to some, but they are seemingly the most likely as of the time of writing. Let's take a look at what we came up with.