NY Jets are a realistic landing spot for Aaron Rodgers

NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers / Tork Mason / USA TODAY NETWORK

The NY Jets will very likely be looking for a new quarterback this offseason, and with no shortage of potential options, it's hard to predict who the team might target. One possible target is future Hall of Famer Aaron Rodgers.

Brad Spielberger of Pro Football Focus recently listed the Jets as a realistic landing spot for Rodgers this offseason and even detailed a potential trade package the team could offer.

Spielberger suggested that the Jets could offer the Green Bay Packers 2023 first and second-round picks as well as 2024 first and second-round picks in exchange for the 39-year-old Rodgers.

Any team trading for Rodgers would essentially be inheriting a two-year, $108.8 million deal with an additional two years of team control if Rodgers wanted to continue playing, as Spielberger notes.

That's a hefty package to surrender for a 39-year-old QB coming off likely his worst season in over a decade, but quarterback upgrades don't come easy.

Does Aaron Rodgers make sense for the NY Jets?

The Rodgers fit for the Jets makes plenty of sense on paper. The Jets are looking for a true quarterback upgrade, and one that could immediately serve as that upgrade.

This Jets roster is built to compete and win now. They're realistically a competent quarterback away from being legitimate contenders provided they plug a few holes this offseason. Rodgers isn't a long-term solution, but he would be a short-term upgrade.

On top of that, Rodgers already has familiarity with some of the concepts in the Jets' offense seeing as Mike LaFleur has borrowed certain cadences and verbiage from his brother Matt's offense.

There are red flags to acknowledge, of course. Rodgers will draw some comparisons to Russell Wilson and teams, the Jets included, might be gun-shy in this situation.

After all, Wilson was another aging veteran quarterback coming off a down year who a team surrendered significant assets for. Jets general manager Joe Douglas can ill afford to make a Russell Wilson-sized mistake.

Rodgers comes with obvious concerns, but he was also arguably the best quarterback in football in each of the last two seasons and it's safe to say he hasn't been placed in an ideal situation in 2022.

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Ultimately, he's just one of the many quarterback options the Jets could consider this offseason. If Rodgers and the Packers are willing to bite, perhaps the Jets are too.