11 players who can be the starting QB for the NY Jets in 2023

NY Jets, Jimmy Garoppolo
NY Jets, Jimmy Garoppolo / Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports
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The NY Jets look primed to make a quarterback change in the near future which could serve as the beginning of the end for second-year QB Zach Wilson.

In a little over a year and a half in the NFL, Wilson has done little to prove that he should be the guy going forward for the Jets. If anything, each week is another reminder that Wilson just isn't the player the Jets wanted him to be at this stage.

Could he turn things around? Sure, it's absolutely possible. But at this point in time, the Jets are seriously considering both their short and long-term futures at the position.

In the short-term, the Jets could turn to Mike White (or Joe Flacco) as soon as this week. As for their long-term future, all options are on the table. That includes free-agent options, trade targets, and even the 2023 NFL Draft.

The Jets will explore every possibility to find a solution for their QB problem. Perhaps that solution is on the roster. More than likely, that solution will be searched for this offseason.

The team will give Wilson, White, or whoever the rest of the season to prove that they're worth keeping around as potential building blocks, but nothing is certain anymore. Head coach Robert Saleh made that very clear with his comments on Monday.

This wasn't just a message to Wilson and the rest of the Jets' roster — it was a message to the NFL world. The Jets are in the quarterback market yet again, and they should have their fair share of options this offseason.

Let's take a look at 11 players who could be the Week 1 starting quarterback for the Jets in 2023. But first, a few honorable (or dishonorable?) mentions.