11 players who can be the starting QB for the NY Jets in 2023

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The Ironic Longshot: Tom Brady

You want your story? You want your headlines? How about Tom Brady leaving Tampa Bay to return to the AFC East for the team he spent two decades tormenting? The narrative writes itself.

It's not a guarantee that Brady even plays another season, but if he wants to continue playing, it wouldn't be a surprise to see him on the move again this offseason.

Brady is set to be a free agent at the end of the season and Tampa's roster isn't exactly making a strong case for him to return. But the Jets? Why would Brady sign with the Jets?

The short answer is, he wouldn't. But maybe, just maybe, Brady wants one final challenge. Maybe he wants to be the guy who finally breaks the decades-long curse that he played a major part in helping maintain.

The NFL is weird sometimes. This would be extraordinarily weird.

Odds: Not going to happen

The Pipedream: Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson is a top-10 quarterback and one of the most unique, dangerous, and dynamic players to ever play the game of football. If he becomes available, there will be no shortage of interested teams, the Jets included.

The problem here is that it still seems unlikely that the Baltimore Ravens mess this situation up to the point that Jackson leaves. the former MVP is set to be a free agent in the offseason and is seeking a fully-guaranteed contract.

The Ravens have balked at that idea which is what stalled extension talks this summer. If the Ravens refuse to budge and instead opt to use the franchise tag, they'll have a very unhappy QB on their hands.

There is a scenario where Jackson leaves, but it remains highly unlikely, as does the idea that the Jets would even be at the top of his list. Still, we could dream.

Odds: Only in our dreams