NY Jets 'keeping an eye on' 3 star wide receivers as trade targets

NY Jets, Deebo Samuel
NY Jets, Deebo Samuel / Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

It's no secret that the NY Jets have been active in the wide receiver market this offseason in search of a potential big-name addition at the position.

From their pursuit of Calvin Ridley to their Amari Cooper inquiries to their most recent run-in with Tyreek Hill, the Jets have been aggressive in their attempts to add a Pro-Bowl-caliber wide receiver to their roster this offseason.

To this point, they've come up short for a variety of reasons. But they're not ready to move on just yet.

ESPN's Rich Cimini reported on Sunday that the Jets were "keeping an eye on" the situations regarding three star wide receivers who are all due extensions in the near future.

Those three wide receivers are DK Metcalf of the Seattle Seahawks, A.J. Brown of the Tennessee Titans, and Deebo Samuel of the San Francisco 49ers.

Cimini makes sure to note that there's been no indication that any of the three are available in potential trade talks, but that the Jets are, at the very least, monitoring their situations.

The NY Jets are still eyeing a big-time upgrade at wide receiver

There have been rumblings all offseason that general manager Joe Douglas is more willing than ever before to make a "bold trade." That notion has been supported by the team's recent moves.

Not only have they been heavily pursuing star receivers like Calvin Ridley and Tyreek Hill, but they made a concerted effort to backload their free-agent signings. The result has been increased cap flexibility in 2022 giving the team the ability to take on a large cap hit if need be.

It's clear the Jets are primed to make a big move, but after missing out on Ridley, Cooper, and Hill, a new opportunity has to present itself. Could one of Metcalf, Brown, or Samuel actually become available?

The thought process is based on the ever-growing wide receiver market and the fact that all three players are due extensions as early as this offseason. Each of them is set to hit free agency in 2023 and will be looking to cash in on big contracts.

If one of their teams isn't willing to pay them what they're looking for, it's certainly plausible that trade talks could ensue. Teams have reportedly already inquired about the availability of Metcalf, and while Seattle isn't looking to deal him, they are apparently "listening to offers."

That suggests they're not sold on paying Metcalf the contract he'll desire. We may have another Tyreek Hill situation on our hands in the near future.

Again, it's probably best for fans not to get their hopes up. There's been no indication that Metcalf, Brown, or Samuel will be traded at any point in the near or distant future.

But if this offseason has shown us anything, it's that the NFL is as unpredictable as it's ever been. The Jets seem to realize that — they're paying close attention to what's going on around the league.

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Joe Douglas is waiting to strike if another opportunity presents itself.