NY Jets reached out about a potential Calvin Ridley trade

NY Jets, Calvin Ridley
NY Jets, Calvin Ridley / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The NY Jets aren't going to be trading for Calvin Ridley. That ship sailed when the Atlanta Falcons star wide receiver was suspended indefinitely by the NFL on Monday for betting on games.

The Jets had previously been connected to rumors of a potential Ridley trade with the team reportedly eyeing a move for a true No. 1 receiver this offseason. Ridley could have given them just that.

It turns out those rumors were accurate as Connor Hughes of The Athletic reported on Monday that the Jets were among those who reached out to the Falcons in an attempt to begin trade negotiations.

The Falcons, aware of the situation with Ridley, decline the Jets' advances and gave the indication that they had no intention of trading him. Now, it's clear why.

The NY Jets will have to search for non-Calvin Ridley options at wide receiver

The Jets have a number of needs to address this offseason, and one such need is the wide receiver position. Even after adding both Elijah Moore and Corey Davis last offseason, it's clear there's still work to be done.

That's especially true with the likes of Jamison Crowder, Keelan Cole, and perhaps even Braxton Berrios all set to depart in free agency. The Jets are in search of a true difference-maker at the position.

Ridley, who finished with just shy of 1,400 yards in his last full NFL season, would have been one potential solution.

The former first-round pick was limited to just five games in 2021 as he took a leave of absence citing mental health reasons. It was during that leave of absence that Ridley reportedly bet on numerous NFL games, including the Falcons.

Ridley will now be suspended for at least a year meaning that the Jets now have one less option to address the wide receiver position. In fact, their options are running thin.

Chris Godwin isn't going anywhere, and the same is true for Davante Adams. Perhaps their best-case scenario now would be to acquire a player like Amari Cooper or Allen Robinson. Or they could just wait to address the position in the 2022 NFL Draft.

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Calvin Ridley would have presented the Jets with a golden opportunity, and they seemingly believed so too. Unfortunately, that ship hasn't just sailed — it's sunk.