Aaron Rodgers seems unlikely to actually run for vice president

Was this all for nothing?

Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers / Scott Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

NY Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers hasn't managed to avoid staying out of the headlines this offseason, and his latest potential venture in the political world has kept him in the limelight throughout the free-agency period.

Rodgers' name has been mentioned as not only a possible option to become presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy's vice president running mate but also a likely one.

A report from the New York Times was released last week that stated Kennedy had been speaking "pretty continuously" with Rodgers about the possibility. A domain for a website titled "kennedyrodgers.com" was even registered this month.

What first seemed like a long shot suddenly felt like a real possibility. Would Rodgers spurn the Jets for his political career? Would the Jets be forced to start Tyrod Taylor at quarterback in 2024?

The answer to both of those questions seems to be a resounding, no. At least, that's what Kennedy is suggesting.

The NY Jets don't have to worry about Aaron Rodgers running for VP

Kennedy spoke to a group of reporters on Friday, and he insisted that he has already chosen who his vice president will be. He added that "it’s not anyone people have been talking about."

Considering the fact that Rodgers has been the most commonly connected name to Kennedy's vice president rumors, that would seem to rule out the Jets' quarterback from the position.

Rodgers has spoken very highly of Kennedy in the past, which is why many feared he would strongly consider taking the opportunity. It doesn't appear to be in the cards, though.

That's good news for a Jets team that is supposedly looking to limit the distractions in the locker room and team facilities, at least according to Rodgers himself. Declining an opportunity to run for vice president certainly helps that cause.

The Jets are gearing up for a hopeful run at the Super Bowl next season, and Rodgers' impending return is a big reason why. After missing essentially all of last season due to a torn Achilles, the Jets need Rodgers to be locked in and at 100 percent if they're to make a serious push for a championship.

Thankfully, Rodgers seems to be taking his own advice here. The Jets don't need the distraction of a presidential race in their lock room. The good news is that doesn't seem likely to happen anymore. It was all a publicity stunt.