Zach Wilson trade value revealed: NY Jets don't expect to receive much for young QB

What will the Jets get in a trade for Zach Wilson?

NY Jets quarterback Zach Wilson during a game
NY Jets quarterback Zach Wilson during a game / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages

The NY Jets are widely expected to explore a trade of former No. 2 overall pick Zach Wilson this offseason. It's a move that has been months in the making, and it would be surprising if Wilson were on the Jets' roster a few months from now.

The Jets reportedly agreed to trade Wilson in the offseason after his initial benching this past season. While he did briefly return to the starting lineup, that plan hasn't changed. Wilson will not be on the Jets' roster come September.

But what exactly could the Jets get for him in a trade? What value does Wilson have left at this stage? The answer is...not much.

ESPN's Rich Cimini reached out to several league sources about Wilson's value, and the consensus seems to be that the Jets likely won't land anything more than a late Day 3 draft pick.

The expectation is that Wilson's value is somewhere around a sixth-round pick. The Jets could also explore a potential mid-round pick swap or even a future 2025 draft pick, possibly with conditional elements attached. Either way, don't expect significant value in return for the former BYU star.

What will the NY Jets get in a Zach Wilson trade?

Previous reports suggested that multiple teams were interested in trading for Wilson this offseason. While that may be true, that doesn't mean teams will be willing to part ways with significant assets.

The 24-year-old has been benched multiple times over the last two seasons for the likes of Chris Streveler and Tim Boyle. He's thrown more interceptions than touchdowns in his career, completing just 57 percent of his NFL passes.

Wilson has been as bad as any first-round quarterback in recent memory, but his draft pedigree should allow the Jets to recoup something in a trade.

As Cimini notes, the only first-round quarterbacks to be outright released by their respective teams since 2012 are Robert Griffin III (Washington), Johnny Manziel (Cleveland), Paxton Lynch (Denver), and Dwayne Haskins (Washington).

Wilson is teetering on the brink of joining that list, but the prevailing belief is that the Jets should be able to find a trade partner. The team won't get as much as they did in the Sam Darnold trade a few years ago, but they'll receive something.

Some of the sources weren't so optimistic, however. One NFL scout insisted the Jets would be "lucky" to receive a seventh-round pick. An assistant coach had a more candid analysis of the situation.

"I'd give up a two-week stay at a Best Western. I'm not a fan."

Anonymous NFL coach on Zach Wilson

All it takes is one team, though, to believe in Wilson's talent enough to give him another shot. There's a reason Wilson was widely seen as one of the best prospects in the 2021 NFL Draft class. He has the natural talent to succeed at this level.

Some team that loved Wilson in the pre-draft process will be willing to give him another opportunity. The Jets just need to find the right taker.