Woody Johnson not concerned about Aaron Rodgers' 'momentary distraction' in politics

Johnson isn't concerned about Rodgers' political endeavors
Aaron Rodgers and Woody Johnson
Aaron Rodgers and Woody Johnson / Tom Horak-USA TODAY Sports

The NY Jets have done their best to stay out of the headlines this offseason after a high-profile, hype-filled offseason a year ago. Unfortunately, that's a difficult thing to accomplish when Aaron Rodgers is your quarterback.

Even if it's sometimes through no fault of his own, Rodgers has a tendency to stay in the limelight, often making headlines for his off-field ventures. That was once again the case last month.

Rodgers was reportedly named as one of the finalists to become presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy's VP running mate for the 2024 election. Although Rodgers ultimately wasn't chosen, that story did dominate Jets headlines for at least a few days.

Jets owner Woody Johnson was asked about Rodgers' temporary journey into the world of political discourse during his appearance on Fox News this week. Johnson didn't seem overly concerned about the potential distraction it may have caused.

"He is getting back to football 100%. He never left football. That was a momentary distraction, maybe like going in the dark room or whatever. But he’s back 100%. Great leader … If we can keep him on his feet, which I think we can, it’s going to be an exciting start to the season."

Woody Johnson

Aaron Rodgers is '100 percent' focused on the NY Jets

Johnson insisted that Rodgers was "100 percent" focused on football despite the headlines he may have made elsewhere. And while it's easy to scoff at that notion, Johnson's words are fair.

Despite his frequent off-field headlines, Rodgers has received rave reviews from former and current teammates. He's been an ideal team player and leader since joining the Jets last spring. There isn't a single person in the organization with anything bad to say about his character in the locker room.

Of course, the Jets would probably prefer he stays out of the limelight after the intense scrutiny the organization was under last year, but the team also knows what they signed up for. Rodgers has been a model teammate since coming to New York, and that's what matters most.

The four-time MVP is hoping to bounce back after a torn Achilles cut his first season with the Jets short after just four plays. The expectation is that a healthy Rodgers could lead a revamped Jets roster to a lengthy postseason run, health permitting.

This is a Jets team with legitimate Super Bowl aspirations entering the 2024 season. Those are lofty goals considering the franchise hasn't even made the playoffs in 13 years, but the Jets are well aware that they need to capitalize on Rodgers' limited window of opportunity.

Johnson and the Jets will continue to tolerate the off-field headlines Rodgers generates as long as he's playing well and not a distraction on the field.