When will the NY Jets schedule be released in 2023?

NY Jets schedule
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The NY Jets' schedule in 2023 figures to feature its fair share of exciting and intriguing matchups, thanks in large part to the addition of Aaron Rodgers.

The Rodgers trade has made the Jets the talk of the football world, and that's expected to be reflected in the team's schedule this year. Expect plenty of primetime games and very few 1 pm matchups.

Despite the Jets being a relative non-factor in the primetime scene in recent years, that's expected to change this season. The Jets haven't played on Sunday Night Football in over a decade, but with Rodgers, it's hard to imagine that doesn't change in 2023.

The Jets will undoubtedly be an interesting team to watch this season, and the added optimism and excitement make fans eager to see the team's full slate of games. But when is the Jets' schedule going to be released?

When will the NY Jets schedule be revealed?

ESPN's Adam Schefter reported late last month that the NFL plans to reveal all 32 teams' schedules on Thursday, May 11. The reason this date was chosen is actually due, in part, to the Jets.

Schefter reported that the recent trade of Rodgers, as well as the Baltimore Ravens re-signing Lamar Jackson, has provided the NFL schedule-makers with additional clarity. That should be the first hint that the Jets will be heavily featured in primetime games this year.

The NFL season is set to kick off on Thursday, Sept. 7, with the reigning Super Bowl champions, the Kansas City Chiefs, expected to be hosts for that game.

The Jets are scheduled to play the Chiefs this season, although their meeting will be in East Rutherford. Jets fans don't have to worry about their team kicking off the season on Thursday Night Football.

Don't be surprised if the Jets' first game of the 2023 season is a primetime game, however. Whether it's Sunday or Monday night, the NFL likely wants to get Rodgers and the new-look Jets front and center early in the season.

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We're only a few days away from the official reveal of the Jets' 2023 schedule. The anticipation is palpable.