NY Jets' Sauce Gardner, Aaron Rodgers in hilarious Jessica Alba controversy

NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers, Sauce Gardner
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers, Sauce Gardner / Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The NY Jets are back in the NFL limelight, and Sauce Gardner and Aaron Rodgers are making sure it stays that way. In fact, the Jets are making some waves in the entertainment world as well.

Gardner and Rodgers attended the New York Knicks' Game 2 victory over the Miami Heat at Madison Square Garden on Monday night, and during the game, Gardner and Rodgers happened to be seated near famous actress Jessica Alba.

Gardner made headlines the following day when he revealed that Rodgers ridiculed him after he admitted that he didn't know who Alba was. This obviously created quite a stir on social media, but this isn't where the story ends.

Far from it, in fact.

Gardner clarified on Thursday that he had seen Jessica Alba in movies, but he just wasn't sure of her actual name. He then insisted that he simply knew of her as "Honey" and "Storm," referring to her characters in the movies "Honey" and "The Fantastic Four" franchise.

That could have been the end of the interaction, but Alba herself decided to respond and add some fuel to the fire. Here's where things get really entertaining.

NY Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner shows off his game in interaction with Jessica Alba

Alba replied to the video of Gardner telling reporters that he didn't know her name with an objectively hilarious tweet.

Included in Alba's tweet was an apparent pick-up line Gardner said to Alba's friend, "How can I get caught up when I’m the catch." As Alba says, we can see how Sauce got his nickname.

Alba also insisted that Gardner was very polite with his "elder" Aaron Rodgers, before signing off with an "it was nice meeting you - Honey and Storm." That's when Gardner decided to reply.

Yes, this keeps going.

Gardner was taken aback that Alba remembered his exact line, while also referring to Rodgers as his "chaperone." This didn't sit well with the four-time MVP. Now, it was Rodgers' turn to respond.

Rodgers poked fun at Gardner calling him his "chaperone," and Alba referring to him as an "elder" while saying that he was happy to help his teammate meet new people.

Say what you want about the New York Jets in 2023, but one thing they absolutely aren't going to be is boring. A future Hall of Fame quarterback, a 22-year-old franchise cornerback, and one of the most high-profile celebrities in the world, this story has it all.

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The Jets are most definitely back and the center of the NFL news cycle.