How to watch Aaron Rodgers' big announcement on The Pat McAfee Show live stream

NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers / Aubrey Lao/GettyImages

Yes, this is an actual article. It's come to this. Aaron Rodgers is set to make an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show later today, where the assumption is that he will reveal his decision, presumably to play for the NY Jets in 2023.

This is Aaron Rodgers we're talking about, of course. Nothing is ever certain, but according to SNY's Connor Hughes, the "expectation" from the Jets and everyone he has spoken to is that Rodgers will comment on his NFL future.

Not only that, but the assumption and expectation is that his announcement will be some sort of indication that he plans to play for the Jets next season.

Again, that's the assumption — we won't know until Rodgers makes his appearance. But for now, that's really all we can go off of.

The Jets and Packers have been waiting months for a resolution. The plan all along was for the situation to be resolved prior to the start of free agency, but here we are on the unofficial third day of free agency, and it's still unclear what Rodgers' decision is.

We can assume, of course, given the Jets' interest in numerous former teammates of Rodgers. Rodgers is reportedly already recruiting players to join the Jets as well. Every indication is that he will be a member of the Jets in 2023.

But there's only one way to know for sure. We must tune in to The Pat McAfee Show today to listen to Rodgers speak. He's the only source of information that matters at this point.

Here is how you can watch Rodgers' big announcement later today.

How to watch Aaron Rodgers appearance on The Pat McAfee Show

The only way to watch Rodgers' interview with McAfee is to tune in live to The Pat McAfee Show Youtube channel (linked above) at 1 pm ET. McAfee's streams are generally anywhere between three and four hours, although it's unclear how long Rodgers will be on.

Jets fans, Packers fans, and the entire NFL world will be watching as Rodgers hopefully makes his final decision. This saga has gone on long enough, but today, it might finally end.

We can hope.

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