Tyler Conklin will be crucial for struggling NY Jets offense in Week 8

The Jets should lean on Tyler Conklin in Week 8
NY Jets, Tyler Conklin
NY Jets, Tyler Conklin / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

There is no secret about the NY Jets' offensive struggles, especially in the red zone, throughout the first half of the season. They have been forced to settle for many field goals and have left many points on the board. Watching the games, sometimes Breece Hall taking a toss 60 yards to the house has seemed more likely than scoring in the red zone.

Many times this season, the Jets would get to around the 10-yard line and run it twice and be stuck with a 3rd and goal from the 7-8, which is a tough spot to be in. They need to be more aggressive, but at the same time, besides Garrett Wilson, who is regularly getting separation?

Allen Lazard and Randall Cobb haven’t been much help in that regard. Maybe if Xavier Gipson takes some snaps away from Cobb, he can provide a spark, or maybe a trade-deadline wide receiver addition is in the works. But for now, none of those things have happened.

The NY Jets need more targets for Tyler Conklin

Tyler Conklin has been one of the most underrated Jets players this season. He has been the second most reliable option for Zach Wilson, and his role should continue to grow.

Conklin has 20 catches for 227 yards so far this season, which is good for 15th among tight ends. His 25 targets rank 23rd, and he is the only tight end in the top 18 for yards who does not have at least 30 targets.

Conklin has the Jets' highest Pro Football Focus receiving grade vs. man coverage (69.6). That would rank 9th among all tight ends in the NFL with at least seven targets vs. man coverage. Garrett Wilson is surprisingly low in that category (63.4), with both Lazard (61.2) and Cobb (53.8) coming in behind him. 

The Jets need another receiver that can separate, whether that is Gipson or someone not yet on the roster. But Conklin has been a great weapon over the middle, and the Jets should try to utilize that more.

The Jets take on the New York Giants in Week 8. The Giants' defense struggled early on but has come around the last two weeks — the Jets cannot overlook them, especially with their offensive issues.

Conklin could prove to be key for the offense in Week 8 and over the second half of the season.