How the NY Jets can improve their biggest issue on offense

How can the offense catch up to the defense's stellar production?
NY Jets, Zach Wilson
NY Jets, Zach Wilson / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages

We’ve been saying for weeks now how futile the Jets’ red zone offense is, and I have made it a point to highlight how offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett is supposed to specialize in that area of the field.

He calls it the gold zone and was actually given carte blanche by Green Bay Packers head coach Matt LaFleur when he was coaching over there despite not being that play-caller in other situations.

There are definitely quite a few instances of Zach Wilson missing the open target, or guys dropping catchable balls, or the run-run-pass predictable play calling stalling them, but we have to imagine that this was the main thing discussed in team practices during the bye week. This is the week where we should see touchdowns in the red zone.

The NY Jets need to show signs of life in the red zone this week

Not only from the practice and (assumed) emphasis on this area of the field but because the Giants allow red zone touchdowns 58.3% of the time (21st in the NFL).

That means on five red zone appearances, that’s about three touchdowns (60%). The Jets have yet to score three offensive touchdowns in a game and have only scored two offensive touchdowns in a game once in six tries.

Even if you consider the fact that the Giants' defense has stepped up their last two games and only allowed 10.5 points per game, they’ve allowed touchdowns on three of the five red zone attempts that occurred during that time — there has been no change to that stat during this uptick in play.

While I did criticize the predictability of the ‘run-run-pass’ playcalling, perhaps they should be loyal to the run this week because the Giants are 27th this season in rushing yards allowed per game (137.3). Breece Hall currently leads all qualified running backs in yards per carry so this seems like the perfect opportunity to extend that lead.

We’ve also seen Xavier Gipson have some success on end-arounds, so perhaps they unleash that within Hackett’s gold zone? What we can all agree on is if the Jets score touchdowns on three out of five red zone trips this Sunday, this game will not be pretty for Giants fans.