This crazy Tom Brady stat will make NY Jets fans want to cry

NY Jets, Tom Brady
NY Jets, Tom Brady / Elsa/GettyImages

NY Jets fans cried tears of joy after Tom Brady announced his retirement. Looking back at Brady's numbers will make fans cry for a very different reason.

Jets fans don't need another reason to feel bad about their franchise, but this stat is almost too ridiculous not to share.

It's a well-known fact in the league that Brady dominated the Jets during his reign on the New England Patriots and even his much briefer, Antonio Brown-marred time with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Overall, Brady finished 31-8 against the Jets in his career, but that might not even be the most jaw-dropping record.

We challenge you to find a Brady stat that doesn't make Jets fans want to cry.

Tom Brady has annihilated the NY Jets in nearly every statistical category

We'll quickly add: yes, we understand quarterback win records are not an accurate reflection of quarterback performance. Brady won games largely due to his ideal fit in an offensively efficient scheme and a stable coaching environment.

In the larger picture, Brady's career loss record ranks right up there with other all-time greats. Drew Brees lost 86 games in 15 seasons, Aaron Rodgers lost 66 games in 17 seasons, and Ben Roethlisberger lost 81 games in 18 seasons.

The more distressing fact is that New York has lost 76 games in the last seven years, which speaks more to the gradual downfall of the franchise over the past decade.

While many more changes must be made to turn the organization around, Tom Brady's momentous exit from the league at least provides a bit of relief.

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Much like no longer having to face a school bully, the Jets can start 2022 fresh. Gone are the torments and the taunts, the "ownings" and the shame.

We'll take Zach Wilson over Mac Jones any day.