Sauce Gardner berated by Charvarius Ward in unprompted, embarrassing Twitter rant

Why do people hate Sauce Gardner for no reason?
NY Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner
NY Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

NY Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner is among the most likable, humble superstars in the NFL today. He's also managed to reach historic heights quicker than quite literally any player to ever play his position has.

He's a generational talent with a positive attitude and a kind demeanor, but for whatever reason, some people are just drawn to hating on him. Add San Francisco 49ers cornerback Charvarius Ward to that list.

Gardner posted a tweet after Sunday's Super Bowl stating that the 49ers may have been the better team on paper but that the Chiefs always find a way to win. That's it. No, really — that's all he said.

Somehow, Ward took serious offense to Gardner's post, calling out Gardner and his team for not making the playoffs. He finished his since-deleted tweet, saying, "Your opinion doesn't need to be heard kid."

As one might imagine, Ward was torn apart for his tweet, considering it came completely out of nowhere. The 2023 Pro Bowler swiftly deleted his post, possibly when he realized that what he tweeted made no sense.

Why does everyone hate Sauce Gardner?

Ward was likely a little in his feelings about his team's Super Bowl loss, especially since it came at the hands of his former team. Perhaps that's why he somehow misconstrued Gardner's post, which was actually complimentary of the 49ers.

I don't know what it is about Gardner, but whether it's random social media trolls, Asante Samuel, or even Stefon Diggs' nephew, everyone seems to want to take shots at the two-time All-Pro.

Maybe it's just that some people love to hate on greatness. Be it jealously or simply greatness fatigue, Gardner has collected his fair share of haters and doubters during his short time in the league.

Ward's confusing rant is just the latest in a long line of weird vendettas some have formulated against the Jets' star cornerback. Gardner, of course, took the high road and didn't respond to Ward's tweet before or after it was deleted.

The good news for fans of football beef is that Gardner's Jets and Ward's 49ers are set to face each other in the regular season next season. The 49ers may be the better team on paper, but maybe the Jets will be able to pull a Chiefs and find a way to win anyway.