Sauce Gardner absolutely savages Asante Samuel in one-sided Twitter beatdown

Sauce Gardner just destroyed Asante Samuel
NY Jets, Sauce Gardner
NY Jets, Sauce Gardner / Winslow Townson/GettyImages

Jealously is not a good look on Asante Samuel. The former NFL cornerback has been very vocal in his belief that NY Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner is "overrated," and following the latter's second consecutive first-team All-Pro nod on Friday, he took it upon himself to make a stink about it again on social media.

Samuel went on a Twitter rant about how cornerbacks should not receive All-Pro consideration if they didn't record an interception that season. This was, of course, an obvious reference to Gardner, especially given his criticism of the Jets' star cornerback in the past.

What followed was a back-and-forth between Samuel, Jets fans, and Gardner that made the former New England Patriots come across as a complete fool. Samuel continues to be proof that just because someone played a sport at the highest level, it doesn't mean they're qualified to talk about it.

NY Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner absolutely destroyed Asante Samuel on social media

The highlight was probably Samuel not understanding how basic coverage numbers work...despite the fact that he is literally a former NFL cornerback. No, seriously — he doesn't understand how coverage statistics work.

Samuel came to the defense of Houston Texans cornerback Derek Stingley Jr. on Twitter, insisting that he deserves as much recognition as Gardner. But when one Twitter user replied with a post comparing the two cornerbacks' stats, Samuel got a little confused.

The post showed that Gardner's numbers were better than Stingley's across the board. Samuel didn't seem to understand that averaging a lower number of catches and yards per game was a good thing for a cornerback.

Yes, you read that right. Samuel thought that Gardner's lower numbers meant he was worse. Reminder: this is a former NFL cornerback. Below is the evidence.

Gardner and Samuel went back and forth a little as well, with the former absolutely destroying his older position-mate.

Gardner accused Samuel of hating on the newer generation, even suggesting that the latter needs to "grow up" and that he only goes on these social media rants "for attention."

Finally, when Samuel rejected Gardner's assertion of attention-seeking and asked to talk about actual cornerback play, Gardner fired back that he'd hit up Darrelle Revis if he ever wanted to talk football instead.

Samuel, of course, has maintained that he was a better player than Revis and that the New York media hyped the latter up, contributing to his reputation. His argument? Interceptions, of course. That's the only argument he ever has.

Gardner has finished top-two in the NFL in yards allowed and catches allowed in each of the last two seasons. He became the first cornerback since the NFL/AFL merger to be named first-team All-Pro in each of the first two seasons of his NFL career.

It's not even hyperbolic to suggest that Gardner has had a better start to his NFL career than any cornerback in league history. That's actually just a factual statement, and all the numbers (except interceptions, I suppose) back it up.

Samuel can continue to stand alone on his island of hate, but the rest of the NFL world knows the truth here. Sauce Gardner is the best cornerback in the NFL, and he's already been named to more first-team All-Pro teams than Samuel was in his entire career.

Maybe Gardner isn't the overrated one.