Randall Cobb calls out NY Jets for handling of Zach Wilson situation

Cobb criticized the Jets for leaking reports to the media
Randall Cobb, Zach Wilson
Randall Cobb, Zach Wilson / Danielle Parhizkaran/NorthJersey.com /

Both the NY Jets and Zach Wilson are happy to have moved on following a tumultuous three years in New York that ended on pretty ugly terms this past season.

The Jets benched Wilson, informed him that he would be traded in the offseason, and then proceeded to double back just two weeks later and ask him to start again. Needless to say, Wilson was reportedly not very pleased by the Jets' handling of the situation.

Wilson wasn't alone, either. Former Jets wide receiver Randall Cobb was asked about the Wilson situation in a recent appearance on Barstool’s “Bussin’ With the Boys” podcast on Tuesday, and he sided more with his former teammate.

Cobb criticized the Jets for how they handled the Wilson situation, even calling out the team for leaking reports of Wilson's unhappiness to the media.

"“I think in the media, it was more dramatic than it actually was. I think that [the Jets] had told [Zach Wilson] that they were going to trade him in the offseason, and then they benched him, and then they wanted him to play again. And then they tried to blame him for not wanting to play, but you just told him that you were going to trade him. It was a lot of politics, a lot of stuff in the media, it was a lot of like, ‘Come on, man, like what are we doing here?’ A lot of meeting with the media, feeding them stuff.”"

Randall Cobb

Randall Cobb called out the NY Jets for leaking Zach Wilson reports

Wilson was infamously thrust into action following a season-ending torn Achilles suffered by Aaron Rodgers in the Jets' season-opener. Cobb, who had signed with the Jets in the offseason to reunite with Rodgers, likely wasn't too excited about the prospects of playing with Wilson.

The former BYU standout struggled mightily, ultimately getting benched (again) in favor of Tim Boyle, who was subsequently released after just two starts. Wilson returned to the starting lineup before an injury ended his season prematurely.

The entire Wilson situation was a mess for the Jets last season. From his multiple benchings to reports (apparently leaked by the Jets) of Wilson's reluctance to play, the entire ordeal was a circus of embarrassment for the organization.

Cobb seems to believe that the intentionally leaked disparaging reports about Wilson to make their handling of the situation seem better. His argument was, how could you blame Wilson for being reluctant to play after how the Jets treated him?

Ultimately, this entire story is very much in the past. Cobb is gone, Wilson is gone, and the Jets are looking forward to a 2024 season with a hopefully healthy Aaron Rodgers leading the way.

Cobb is likely headed for retirement while Wilson is hoping to salvage his NFL career in Denver. All parties are better off now than they were six months ago.

Is Cobb right? Did the Jets mishandle the Zach Wilson situation? The better question is, does it even matter at this point?