Zach Wilson could face NY Jets in ultimate revenge game in 2024

Zach Wilson is out for revenge
Zach Wilson
Zach Wilson / Rich Storry/GettyImages

Everyone loves a good revenge narrative. The NY Jets might experience one of their own, or at least be on the receiving end of one when they take on Zach Wilson and the Denver Broncos in 2024.

The Jets officially put an end to the Wilson era on Monday, sending the former BYU star to Denver in exchange for a swap of Day 3 picks. The trade allows both sides to move on, and it gives Wilson a potential path to playing time.

Wilson joins likely the most uninspiring quarterback room in the NFL with Jarrett Stidham and Ben DiNucci. Of course, many expect the Broncos to draft a quarterback at some point this week, but even if that happens, there's a chance Wilson can still find his way onto the field in 2024.

If that happens, Wilson could return to MetLife Stadium against his former team next season in one of the more compelling revenge storylines in recent NFL memory.

Zach Wilson will be looking for revenge against the NY Jets

Wilson should, at a bare minimum have an opportunity to compete for a backup job on the Broncos' roster. Denver isn't in a prime situation to land one of the top quarterbacks in this year's class barring a trade-up.

That could mean the Broncos draft a quarterback who isn't ready to start early, allowing that rookie to compete with Stidham and potentially Wilson for playing time.

Seeing as Wilson was likely little more than third-string training camp fodder on most rosters, that's a huge win for the former No. 2 overall pick. Of course, he's not guaranteed anything, though. Wilson isn't even guaranteed a roster spot.

He does have a few things working in his favor, however. On top of the obvious lack of competition, the Broncos could be less likely to give up on Wilson considering they gave up assets to acquire him. He's also become a new pet project for head coach Sean Payton, who will likely go to extreme lengths to "fix" Wilson.

Wilson will be given every opportunity to carve out a role on the Broncos' roster, and while he's unlikely to begin the year as a starter, anything can happen in the NFL. There's a very real chance he will play against his former team in MetLife Stadium next season.

The Jets gave up on Wilson — rightfully so after years of abysmal play. He might have an opportunity to prove his former team wrong in a classic revenge game narrative if the football gods allow it to happen.