NY Jets star shares unintentionally ruthless response to Zach Wilson trade

D.J. Reed wasted no time...
Zach Wilson
Zach Wilson / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages

Normally when a player is traded, their former teammates take to social media to send some sort of positive message about said player. Such has not been the case with NY Jets quarterback Zach Wilson.

The Jets officially traded Wilson to the Denver Broncos on Monday in exchange for a swap of late Day 3 picks and a portion of the former No. 2 overall pick's salary. The trade was an inevitable move — one that finally marked the end of the Wilson era in New York.

But despite Wilson's departure, his former teammates have been rather quiet about the situation. At the time of writing, not a single player on the Jets' roster has posted anything on social media about Wilson.

Jets cornerback D.J. Reed is the only player to even acknowledge the trade on social media, and he did so in a (probably) unintentionally ruthless way.

D.J. Reed's post sums up Zach Wilson's time with the NY Jets

Moments are Wilson was traded, rather than send a congratulatory message or even post something wishing his former good luck, Reed posted a question asking fans if he should switch to Wilson's old No. 2 jersey number.

Yes, that's right. To this point, that is the only response any Jets player has had about Wilson's departure — a former teammate immediately asking if they should take his old number.

This, of course, isn't intended to make any sort of declarative statement about Wilson. Any speculation about his relationship with the Jets or his former teammates is just that: speculation.

Still, it's not hard to read the tea leaves. Many Jets players have been traded, released, or signed with another team over the last few years. Essentially every one of them has prompted the same response by former teammates on social media.

With Wilson, it's been crickets, save for one teammate immediately asking to take his number. That's a rough look.

There have been rumblings for years now that Wilson rubbed some within the Jets' organization the wrong way. While it's always impossible to prove stuff like that, Wilson's handling of his benching and subsequent return to the starting lineup last year likely didn't go over well with his teammates at the time.

There's enough evidence to speculate that Wilson might not have had too many friends in the Jets' locker room by the time of his departure. It doesn't take a private investigator to notice the difference in how teammates have spoken about Wilson versus other Jets quarterbacks such as Aaron Rodgers and even Mike White.

Reed's social media post likely sums up how a lot of Jets players felt about Wilson by the end of his tenure: indifference.

Everyone involved, Wilson included, is likely glad that this situation is now in the past. Both sides desperately needed a fresh start.

*Edit: Reed has since shared further context to his initial post. Here is his most recent tweet: