Packers bar offering lame promotion to troll Aaron Rodgers, NY Jets

Can these fans get over themselves?
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers / Mike Stobe/GettyImages

The NY Jets and Green Bay Packers have seen their respective fanbases engaged in a very public war during and after the conclusion of the Aaron Rodgers trade situation. Some of that energy has percolated over to the regular season.

On top of the two teams trading barbs during trade negotiations in an attempt to get the best deal for their respective sides, Packers fans are now rooting firmly against the Jets in an attempt to make sure the potential first-round draft pick (which will move to Green Bay if Rodgers plays enough snaps) is as high as possible.

Green Bay doesn't play New York this season, and the two are likely not going to meet in the Super Bowl. The only way the Packers' fanbase can get their all-important pound of flesh this season is by hoping the Jets lose with the same vigor as when they cheer against an NFC North rival.

Jack's American Pub in Milwaukee is offering fans free drinks whenever Rodgers and the Jets lose this season. A bad Jets season would help the first-round pick that would likely convey to the Packers get much better, but this promotion just exemplifies pettiness and thin skin.

Packers fan bar takes shot at Aaron Rodgers and the NY Jets

With Green Bay being the biggest free-agent deterrent city in the league, Rodgers' excellence prevented a 15-year stretch of mediocrity after the end of the Brett Favre era. Rodgers won four MVPs in Green Bay despite very rarely getting offensive skill position support from the front office.

If this promotion is being run out of spite, that's very confusing. Rodgers can be a bit prickly, and he didn't end his tenure with the Packers on the best of terms with the organization, but his legacy in Green Bay can only be matched or equaled by a select few quarterbacks across NFL history.

Packers fans might need to get their drinking out of the way early, as the Jets have a tough opening schedule. Matchups against the Bills, Cowboys, Eagles, and Chiefs early in the year are counteracted by games against the Texans, Falcons, and Commanders later in the year.

There is a chance, however small it may be, that the owner of Jack's is an enterprising individual who wants to bet on the Jets winning a ton of games and piling up insane tabs from overconfident Packers fans. If that is really what he is getting at here, Jets fans salute you.