Do the NY Jets play the Green Bay Packers in 2023?

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Everyone loves a good revenge narrative. What better potential revenge narrative than a future Hall of Fame quarterback who spent 18 years with one team returning to his old home while leading the charge with his new organization?

That could be a reality for the NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers, and the Green Bay Packers in the not-so-distant future.

The Rodgers trade sent shockwaves throughout the NFL this offseason as the Packers finally moved on from their longtime franchise quarterback while the Jets landed a player who they hope will make them legitimate Super Bowl contenders.

Unfortunately, the Jets and Packers will not play each other during the 2023 season. In theory, the earliest these two teams could play is if they miraculously both meet in the Super Bowl.

But while the Jets are improved, and the NFC North is wide open for the Packers, that scenario seems highly unlikely. That begs the question, then — when might these two teams play each other?

When do Aaron Rodgers and the NY Jets play the Packers next?

Since the Jets and Packers played each other in 2022, they aren't scheduled to play again until the 2026 season. It seems unlikely that Rodgers, who would be 42 going on 43, will still be playing by then.

So that's it then, right? Rodgers will never actually play the Packers, barring an unlikely Super Bowl matchup? Not exactly. There's still a chance this revenge narrative could have some life.

The Jets are scheduled to play an undetermined NFC North team on the road in 2024. Their opponent will be the team that finishes in the same position in their respective division.

Essentially, if the Jets finish in second place in the AFC East in 2023, they will face the team that finished in second place in the NFC North that same year. That means a Rodgers/Packers revenge game could happen as early as the 2024 season.

Just imagine the storylines that would come out of Rodgers returning to Lambeau Field, likely for the last time in his playing career, as the quarterback of the New York Jets. It's safe to say the NFL would probably look to make this a primetime game as well.

Unfortunately, if that 2024 matchup doesn't happen, the Jets will have to wait until 2026 to play the Packers. Again, that's barring an unlikely Super Bowl run for both teams.

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Rodgers won't face his former team in 2023, but if he sticks around for another season, there's a chance he could return to Lambeau Field next year.