The NY Jets are figuring out ways to win despite growing pains

NY Jets, Breece Hall
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The NY Jets just won the type of game that fans haven't seen them win in many years. It was a gutsy comeback win on the road in Pittsburgh after losing their early lead due to critical mistakes.

Jets fans are not equipped to believe in a team when they make the types of errors that they did against the Steelers. What usually happens, is that when costly and undisciplined plays happen, the team falters and can not recover.

In Week 2 against the Cleveland Browns, fans got to witness a miracle, but those are hard to rely on. What transpired this time around was both young players and veterans stepping up and making plays to not only get back into the game but to deliver the knockout punch on the road.

The end of the first half was a disaster with the six-point swing due to a Zach Wilson interception followed by a Carl Lawson roughing the passer call. After a promising start, that seemed like it would be the moment to look back on as to why the Jets lost.

Key stretches like that and other moments during the game in Pittsburgh were indicators that this team still has a long way to go in order to be a consistently good football team.

Despite that, the Jets, led by their second-year quarterback, were able to dig deep and do what fans, the media, and the organization all want most: win football games.

The NY Jets are winning football games despite their flaws

There are reasons as to why the Jets aren't yet at the level of other great teams. They have a very young core of players that are being relied on, their coaching staff still needs to improve, and they have dealt with injuries at key spots to start the year.

The ability to win during a period of time when there is major growth happening across the board is impressive. The ups and downs throughout the game are not something to be desired and the goal should be to improve that going forward throughout the season.

For fans and people around the league to truly believe in this team, the Jets will have to put together consistent complementary football for the majority of games on a weekly basis.

A good time to start that would be against a divisional opponent at home against the Miami Dolphins in Week 5.

It's been a roller coaster of a season already through the first four weeks, yet the Jets enter Week 5 at 2-2, which is a record that most fans would have gladly signed up for prior to the season.

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The Jets are learning how to win meaningful football games as they figure out their identity along the way.