How the Week 2 win impacts the mindset of NY Jets fans

NY Jets fans
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The NY Jets pulled off one of the greatest NFL comebacks of all time on Sunday. While that may sound hyperbolic, if you look at the numbers there are very few wins that compare.

A win like this can spark the locker room as well as the fanbase to start believing in how much heart the players and coaches have.

Many fans, myself included, went to a very dark place after Week 1, and those feelings could ultimately still come to fruition. But for this week at least, Jets fans deserve to be proud of their team and excited about the future of the franchise.

This type of win will be remembered by fans young and old, ideally as the start of a new era.

Why this win means so much to NY Jets fans

One of the main reasons why a victory like this was so special is because Jets fans haven't seen the team win a meaningful game in years. It was hard to fathom things going right for a team that hadn't shown it in so long.

The play calls from the coaching staff combined with the execution from young and talented players in crunch time were different this time around.

A win like this can give Jets fans hope as well because the team still has so much to grow and improve upon. The ability to win a game while young players are still learning goes a long way.

Fans can envision what it might look like if Zach Wilson takes his anticipated second-year step and what could be with Garrett Wilson and Elijah Moore both firing on all cylinders in a potentially lethal offense.

They can also imagine what happens when the team starts to finally play complementary football, which has yet to happen through two games this season.

One of the biggest factors in a win like this is that it gives the Jets faithful some belief in their coaching staff to step up when it matters most. Robert Saleh and company had a lot riding on the team's performance after sticking his neck out in the media.

While it wasn't perfect, the staff made the right calls when it matter most (including a masterful performance from offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur and special teams coach Brant Boyer).

Competitiveness and the ability to win games that the team is now supposed to win are what this season was always about.

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The Jets are not off the hook after just one win by any means, but fans can have hope early in the season for a young foundation after a major bounce-back win in Week 2.