NY Jets should start Trevor Siemian at QB in Week 14 against Texans

It doesn't really matter, but Siemian deserves to start

NY Jets, Trevor Siemian
NY Jets, Trevor Siemian / Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

The NY Jets' season is effectively over following another woeful loss to the Atlanta Falcons in Week 13. While it doesn't really matter who the team starts at quarterback moving forward, Trevor Siemian probably deserves to receive an opportunity next week.

Siemian was interested into the game in place of the injured Tim Boyle, who struggled to the tune of a 14-for-25 stat line, complete with zero touchdowns (obviously, this is the Jets we're talking about) and an interception.

Siemian finished with a less-than-stellar stat line of his own, completing just 5-of-13 passes for 66 yards and a pair of fumbles. Despite his struggles, it should be Siemian who receives the start in Week 14.

In reality, it doesn't really matter who the Jets trot out at quarterback against the Houston Texans next Sunday. There isn't a quality quarterback on the Jets' roster. Still, it should be Siemian who gets the nod over Boyle and Zach Wilson.

Why Trevor Siemian should start at QB for the NY Jets

Siemian was not particularly effective in his brief time as the Jets' quarterback on Sunday. It was a limited sample size, sure, but he didn't exactly do much to inspire confidence.

Still, it's painfully obvious that he's, at the very least, better than Boyle, who has somehow fooled the Jets into thinking he's an NFL-caliber quarterback. He's not. Boyle doesn't belong on an NFL roster.

Siemian at least has a track record of being a competent NFL backup quarterback. He's just two years removed from throwing 11 touchdowns and three interceptions in four starts with the New Orleans Saints in 2021.

Of course, this is still the same Siemian who couldn't beat out Jake Browning for the backup job in Cincinnati this summer, but he at least has some history of being a competent quarterback.

That's more than what can be said for Wilson, and it's certainly more than what can be said about Boyle. The Jets tried it with Wilson. They tried it with Boyle. Neither worked, but why not give Siemian, the most "accomplished" QB a shot to see if it can work?

More than likely, Siemian won't prove to be much of an upgrade because every aspect of the Jets' offense is broken at this point, but there's no harm in trying. His track record alone should earn him a start.

At 4-8, the Jets are closer to a top-three draft pick than they are the playoffs. No healthy quarterback on the roster should be relied on as the primary backup in 2024, anyway. Wilson and Boyle squandered their opportunities — Siemian deserves one.

It's also fair to point out that Siemian was likely quite rusty on Sunday. He had one week of reps as the backup quarterback and had been playing scout team QB for weeks after his release by the Bengals.

Again, Siemian is still not good. There's a very real possibility that he's not an upgrade over Wilson. But we've seen what Wilson is. The highs may be higher, but the lowers are undoubtedly lower.

It's time to give Trevor Siemian a real opportunity to play quarterback. He deserves to start next week.