Nathaniel Hackett gets pass for Jets' mess vs. Falcons after Tim Boyle horror show

Hackett has players open, but Boyle couldn't hit them.

Atlanta Falcons v New York Jets
Atlanta Falcons v New York Jets / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

The NY Jets have been among the league's worst offensive teams in the league once again, as the 1-2 punch of the benched Zach Wilson and Tim Boyle at quarterback and Nathaniel Hackett as the offensive coordinator make it tough to get anything going. In the Jets' Week 13 matchup, Hackett's best-called game in a while was ruined by Boyle being unable to do anything right.

In a game that could have been a make-or-break showing against a very beatable Atlanta Falcons team at home, Hackett actually managed to put together a solid game plan. He was more aggressive than he was before, and receivers were open all game long, especially in the first half.

Once again, however, Hackett lacked the perfect triggerman to execute his offense. Boyle completed just 14 of 25 passes for 148 yards while throwing in an ugly interception before being benched for Trevor Siemian. Ultimately, the Jets lost 13-8 in what was yet another pathetic performance from the offense.

While it is quite easy (and deserved) for Jets fans to tear into Hackett and his poor schematic decisions, Boyle has once again shown that he is so ineffective that he can't operate even an average NFL offense. If he can't do that, why is he even on an NFL roster?

Tim Boyle deserves more blame than Nathaniel Hackett after NY Jets loss to Falcons

Garrett Wilson, quickly emerging as one of the Top 10 receivers in the game, was getting open on just about every pass play. Between Boyle just outright missing him or overthrowing him when he did see him, the Jets' offense was put in a hole in this poorly officiated game.

Siemian tried to make something happen when he was inserted into the game late, but coming into the contest off the bench against a very good defense that was playing well is challenging enough. His sacks and almost turnovers certainly didn't help the cause.

While Siemian did make some worthwhile throws, the Jets' season seems to be all but over at this point. They should have made the move to Siemian much earlier in the season, as anything they do now seems simply inconsequential. You can thank Boyle for expediating that whole process.

The Jets' defense was spectacular once again, and it once again means nothing. Boyle botched multiple opportunities to get the Jets in the end zone (something they haven't done outside of garbage time in a month), and it may have been the final nail in this season's coffin.