What should NY Jets fans expect from Tim Boyle today?

Boyle hasn't started a game in two years — will be up to the task?

NY Jets, Tim Boyle
NY Jets, Tim Boyle / Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

NY Jets quarterback Tim Boyle is yet another beneficiary of the Aaron Rodgers effect, who’s almost certainly destined to disappoint. Unlike the other beneficiaries, there is no statistic or film that at least justifies the roster spot.

Randall Cobb was one of the best slot wide receivers in football for years, Allen Lazard had ascending numbers each year with Rodgers, and Dalvin Cook was just in the Pro Bowl last year.

Tim Boyle, however, has only started three games in the five years he’s been in the NFL, and all of them were terrible. In fact, since 2020, Boyle has played in five games and has thrown at least one interception in all five of them.

This includes last week’s action against the Buffalo Bills, where he played the final 17 minutes of the game and earned a 26.2 passer rating with 33 yards on 14 passes and one interception. The scariest about this stat line is that it’s not even the worst of Boyle’s career.

Last year, in the season finale, Boyle came in for a few drives against a Minnesota Vikings team that had already clinched a playoff spot and proceeded to throw two interceptions on eight attempts that game.

The Vikings benched their starters and were gearing up for a wild-card game in seven days, and Boyle finished with 25 percent completion, a 25 percent interception rate, and an abysmal 4.7 passer rating.

Tim Boyle's track record isn't very impressive

Winning isn’t a QB stat, but it’s worth noting that in his three career starts, he averaged two interceptions per game, averaged 175 yards per game, and the average margin of defeat was 9.6 points en route to an 0-3 record.

Like Zach Wilson, Boyle has never thrown more than two touchdowns in a game, but in that game where he threw two touchdowns, he also had three interceptions.

So, this should end up being ugly. Very ugly. The Miami Dolphins defense isn’t elite or anything, but they have certainly been better with Jalen Ramsey healthy, and I imagine they’ll emulate the Bills’ newfound success of limiting an injured Garrett Wilson.

Without Wilson catching passes at a prolific rate, what can we expect from Boyle? Perhaps the most interesting puzzle piece is Allen Lazard, who has been dropping passes consistently all season.

Perhaps Boyle will place the ball where Lazard prefers to catch it? Or maybe it will be more of the same — it’s worth taking a look at.