Zach Wilson era ends (again) as Jets QB benched for Tim Boyle

Wilson has ben sent to the bench again.
New York Jets v Buffalo Bills
New York Jets v Buffalo Bills / Bryan M. Bennett/GettyImages

The NY Jets believed that Zach Wilson had all the tools needed to take down the Buffalo Bills once again, and it took all of one drive for the offense to show they had no intention of playing a remotely competitive game. Things went from bad to worse in a flash.

Wilson was just 7-for-15 for 81 yards and an interception well into the third quarter, having not completed a pass to a wide receiver all game long and getting sacked six times by a ferocious Bills pass rush. For the third time in two years, Saleh has pulled the ripcord and put fans out of their misery.

The Jets put in Tim Boyle, the only other active quarterback on the roster, into the game with the team down 29-6 in the third quarter against Buffalo. It remains to be seen if Wilson will remain the starter for the Jets' Black Friday game against the Miami Dolphins.

NY Jets bench Zach Wilson for Tim Boyle vs. Bills

While Wilson did mercifully end the touchdown drought, scoring for the first time in 41 offensive drives thanks to a Thomas Morstead fake punt, the inability to get anything going was too much for Saleh and a defense that finally stunk it up to fully withstand.

Wilson is not the only one who was unwatchable tonight. Laughable OC Nathaniel Hackett called a game so poorly that his keycard shouldn't work at Florham Park tomorrow, none of the skill position players outside of Breece Hall were doing anything well, and the beat-up offensive line was clearly overmatched.

That doesn't excuse Wilson's inability to get the ball out quickly, puzzling decision-making on errant throws early in the game, and clear nervousness on the field. Boyle is not much better, if better at all, but he's at least different.

The Jets are now depending on a player, who has more interceptions than touchdowns (by a lot) at both the collegiate and professional levels to save this team. The nightmare has become reality once again.