NY Jets CB Sauce Gardner accuses Mac Jones of trying to ruin his fertility

Sauce Gardner got kicked in the family jewels and he's not happy about it
NY Jets, Sauce Gardner
NY Jets, Sauce Gardner / Kathryn Riley/GettyImages

NY Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner had some strong words for New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones following the team's 15-10 loss in Week 3. Gardner accused Jones of some dirty play.

After the game, Gardner told reporters that Jones intentionally hit him in his so-called 'family jewels' and that he had to "ice up" after the game. Gardner seemed to believe that this was no mistake from the Patriots quarterback.

Gardner shoved Jones to the ground after a sneak in the second half, and it seems like we know why now. The reigning Defensive Player of the Year wasn't pleased by Jones' antics, insisting this was the first time this had happened to him in his playing career.

NY Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner was rightfully upset with Mac Jones

If Gardner's accusation is true, he has every right to be upset with Jones. This is far from the first time that Jones has been accused of foul play. He's garnered a reputation for being a dirty player.

Jones infamously twisted the knee of Carolina Panthers star pass rusher Brian Burns during a game in 2021. He was accused of intentionally kicking Chicago Bears safety Jaquan Brisker with his cleats in a game last season. That kick, again, came below the belt.

The Jets may have fallen short against the Patriots in Week 3, but it's hard to place any blame on Gardner and the team's defense. They held New England to 13 offensive points. Jones finished with just 201 passing yards.

Unfortunately, Jones looked to add injury to insult against his team's bitter rivals. It's not hard to see why the Patriots QB has developed this sort of reputation.