NY Jets rumored to trade for Justin Fields this offseason

Could the Jets actually trade for Justin Fields?
NY Jets, Justin Fields
NY Jets, Justin Fields / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

The NY Jets are expected to be in the market for a new backup quarterback this offseason. Zach Wilson is likely to be traded, meaning the Jets should be exploring their options at the backup quarterback position.

While most assume the team will target a veteran such as Jacoby Brissett or Ryan Tannehill, could the Jets actually be interested in trading for another member of Wilson's draft class, Justin Fields?

NFL insider Benjamin Allbright recently speculated that the Jets could make a move for Fields this offseason, suggesting that he recently heard a rumor that the Jets might trade for the former first-round pick to be Aaron Rodgers' backup in 2024.

Now, the Chicago Bears haven't made a decision to move on from Fields just yet, but with the team set to pick No. 1 overall (via the Carolina Panthers), many around the league expect Fields to be on a new team next season.

Could that team be the Jets?

Don't count on the NY Jets trading for Justin Fields

It would be an interesting twist of history if the Jets did trade for Fields this offseason. While Wilson was the consensus QB2 in that ill-fated 2021 NFL Draft class, there were many who believed Fields should be the pick at No. 2 overall.

Ultimately, the Jets went with Wilson, who turned out to be one of the biggest draft busts in modern NFL history. Fields has fallen short of expectations in Chicago, but the Ohio State product has done enough this season to position himself as a potential starter somewhere in 2024.

That's what makes it unlikely the Jets would trade for Fields. The Bears are rumored to be looking for as much as a first-round pick in return for the young quarterback. Fields could very well be starting for a different team next season.

It seems unlikely that the Jets would be willing to pay the draft capital necessary to land Fields in a trade, nor is it likely that the Jets are his best landing spot. Sure, he could be groomed to take over for Rodgers as early as 2025, but there will be better opportunities for him.

The Jets are much more likely to go the stable veteran quarterback route as they search for their backup. Tannehill makes a ton of sense, given his ties to members of the Jets' coaching staff.

While it would be storybook in many ways for the Jets to acquire the quarterback many believed they should have drafted a few years ago, I wouldn't count on it happening. This feels more like an unfounded December rumor than anything of real substance.