NY Jets acquire Justin Fields in egregious mock trade proposal

No, the Jets shouldn't trade for Justin Fields
NY Jets, Justin Fields
NY Jets, Justin Fields / Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

The NY Jets finally signed a veteran quarterback this week, adding Trevor Siemian to their practice squad. The team might not be done making changes to their quarterback room, however.

Seemingly every name under the sun has been connected to the Jets since the unfortunate Aaron Rodgers injury. You can now add Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields to the growing list that includes the likes of Carson Wentz, Blake Bortles, Matt Ryan, Kirk Cousins, and Ryan Tannehill — among many others.

The folks over at FanDuel recently proposed a mock trade between the Jets and the Bears that would send Fields to Florham Park in exchange for a 2025 second-round pick and a 2026 fifth-round pick.

The graphic reads, "Who says no?" In reality, it's hard to imagine that either team would have any interest in this trade.

No, the NY Jets aren't trading for Justin Fields

It's true that the Jets could still be in the market for a quarterback upgrade as we get closer to the trade deadline. The two names that have most often been connected to Jets trade deadline rumors are Kirk Cousins and Ryan Tannehill.

As for Fields, there is a multitude of reasons why this deal doesn't make sense for either side. For starters, the Jets aren't looking for another young quarterback project — they already have one of those.

While Fields is undoubtedly better than Zach Wilson, that isn't saying much. The former Ohio State quarterback has struggled mightily this season and wouldn't exactly improve the Jets' quarterback situation by much.

Besides, the plan is still for Aaron Rodgers to return next season. The Jets don't need a young quarterback to develop — especially one in the midst of his third NFL season. They need a stable veteran to right the ship.

And as far as the Bears are concerned, there's been no indication that Chicago is ready to move on from their young quarterback yet. Trading Fields is likely more of an offseason discussion — selling a midseason Justin Fields trade to their fan base feels like a losing battle.

The Bears aren't looking to unload Fields, and the Jets aren't looking to give up a future second-round pick for a bad young quarterback. This doesn't make sense for either team.

If the Jets explore the trade market, Cousins and Tannehill are the names to watch. For now, it's Zach Wilson, Trevor Siemian, and Tim Boyle running the show. Don't expect Justin Fields to be a serious option.