NY Jets HC Robert Saleh slammed for 'puzzling' decision to start Joe Flacco

NY Jets, Robert Saleh
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Has NY Jets head coach Robert Saleh made a mistake choosing to start Joe Flacco at quarterback on Sunday? That seems to be the sentiment shared by many who have called into question Saleh's decision-making.

Saleh was slammed by media members on Wednesday following his decision to hand the reins of the offense over to Flacco just a couple of days after expressing support for Mike White.

He's been called hypocritical, indecisive, and a whole host of others things as the rookie head coach has come under fire in recent days.

NY Jets head coach Robert Saleh has been ripped apart for his decision to start Joe Flacco

ESPN's Rich Cimini had the following to say about a decision he called "stunning."

"Coach Robert Saleh's stunning decision to start Joe Flacco on Sunday, only two days after insisting he hasn't lost faith in Mike White, is puzzling on a few levels. White played a bad game against the best defensive team in the NFL, the Buffalo Bills, and now Saleh is doing what he accused the media of doing."

Rich Cimini

Cimini was kind compared to the words others have said. ESPN's Mike Greenberg, someone who has criticized Saleh extensively this year, went as far as to insinuate that the Jets coaching staff "has no clue" what they're doing.

Brian Costello of the New York Post also questioned Saleh for a decision he insisted was a "shocker" stating the following.

"Saleh said nothing has changed philosophically and the Jets always valued experience, but their actions told a different story in the offseason. Saleh’s defenses have not confused anyone this season. His decision Wednesday confused plenty of people."

Brian Costello

This, of course, comes a few days after former Jets head coach Rex Ryan tore Saleh to shreds for the team's historically awful defensive performances in recent weeks.

It's not a good time to be Robert Saleh right now. But is all of this criticism justified?

Should NY Jets head coach Robert Saleh be receiving flack for starting Joe Flacco?

I've made my thoughts on the Joe Flacco situation abundantly clear in previous articles here on the site. Ultimately, the Jets' logic here is sound, no matter how many people will try to tear them down for it.

You can point to past statements to the media and try to label this move as hypocritical, but at the end of the day, the media doesn't matter.

The Jets are trying to win football games and develop the young players on this roster. Those are their primary goals — nothing else really matters.

And ultimately, no one will be talking about this decision in five days' time. This is an inconsequential discussion about a move that will have virtually no impact on anything.

Criticize Robert Saleh for the team's defensive ineptitude. Criticize him for the Jets' consistently terrible starts to games.

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But this? Find something else to complain about.