NY Jets: 3 reasons why Joe Flacco is starting on Sunday

NY Jets, Joe Flacco
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The NY Jets have made the decision to give veteran Joe Flacco the start at quarterback this Sunday when the Jets take on the Miami Dolphins.

On the surface, many seem to be confused by this decision. At 36-years-old, Flacco obviously won't be a part of the future of the organization. Some feel the Jets would be better off sticking with Mike White.

After all, White was the talk of the NFL world just 10 days ago and seemed like a surefire bet to start until Zach Wilson was ready to return. There was even some talk about White remaining the starter once Wilson was healthy.

But the NFL is an ever-changing landscape. One minute you're the hero, the next you're backing up Joe Flacco. This is the world that Mike White currently lives in.

It might seem unfair to some, but the Jets have their reasons. And no, despite what some might insist, this decision isn't about justifying the Flacco trade.

The Jets aren't going to die on that hill. General manager Joe Douglas isn't looking to prove himself to the media or the fans. The trade is a sunk cost at this point.

There is a very legitimate argument in favor of starting White this Sunday. This article isn't intended to be a personal opinion piece. Rather, it will help to explain the logic behind the Jets' decision.

Why are the Jets starting Joe Flacco in Week 11? Let's take a look at a few reasons.