Why the NY Jets are starting Joe Flacco at QB on Sunday

NY Jets, Joe Flacco
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The NY Jets have made the somewhat curious decision to start Joe Flacco at quarterback in Sunday's Week 11 matchup with the Miami Dolphins.

Immediately, people began asking questions.

Why isn't Zach Wilson starting? What about Mike White? Is there any reason to start Flacco? All fair questions — and all certainly questions the Jets pondered before making their decision.

So why have the Jets decided to start Joe Flacco? What is the rationale behind this puzzling (to some) decision? The logic is actually pretty sound, even if not everyone will agree with it.

The NY Jets are starting Joe Flacco for multiple reasons

First, let's touch on Wilson. The rookie quarterback was given a 2-4 week timeframe for his return when he was injured back in Week 7. Sunday's game will mark four weeks since he was injured.

The Jets obviously hoped that Wilson would be able to return before that, but they also don't want to rush him. The team reviewed Wilson's status this week and determined that he was not 100 percent, and thus would be inactive once again.

That is the smart move for the Jets to make. It allows Wilson to fully recover before being thrown out on the gridiron again and allows him another week to sit and learn. The Jets have absolutely no reason to rush Wilson back.

As for Flacco, the reason the Jets have chosen to start him over White is simple. Right now, they have two primary objectives as an organization.

They want to win games (as is the goal for every team) and develop the young talent on their roster. The Jets believe that Flacco gives them the best opportunity to accomplish each of those goals.

Are they right? That, of course, is subjective. But the logic is sound.

The Jets believe that Flacco not only gives them the best shot to win on Sunday, but that he will allow them to properly evaluate young talent like Michael Carter and Elijah Moore more effectively.

Now, it should be noted that Carter and Moore have played some of their best football with White under center. But with the Jets facing a blitz-heavy Dolphins defense in Week 11, they believe that Flacco is the smarter quarterback to start given his experience.

Again, the logic is sound, whether you agree with it or not.

Personally, I don't really care who's starting at quarterback if it's not Wilson. The Jets have proven over the last few weeks that they can efficiently move the ball on offense no matter who is under center, provided that player is at least semi-competent.

Whether it's White, Flacco, or even Josh Johnson, I don't think the Jets offense is going to look too different.

Besides, when the Jets give up 40+ points again on Sunday, it isn't going to matter who they started at quarterback.

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Whether you agree with the decision or not, the Jets' reasoning for starting Joe Flacco does make sense.