The NY Jets are growing up quicker than most expected

Robert Saleh, NY Jets
Robert Saleh, NY Jets / Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The NY Jets will be looking to win their fourth straight game heading to a Week 7 matchup with the Denver Broncos. This would mark their longest streak of victories since the 2015 season.

Since the Jets haven't seen consistent winning football in so long, it's hard to know how to act now that the team has turned a corner.

With an influx of young talent and a coaching staff that is starting to click at the right time, the Jets are arriving to relevancy a lot quicker than many could have expected.

Their dominant win over the Green Bay Packers proved that they should no longer be viewed as a team that should be expected to roll over.

To his credit after a lot of criticism, Robert Saleh has instilled a fighting spirit in this group that is manifesting into a will to win at key moments in the game.

The team is taking insults personally, such as Tyreek Hill's comments about the team during the offseason as well as the Green Bay Packers electing to pick the Jets as their opponent following their London game.

Led by a group of dynamic young players, this group has faith in themselves. They have more faith than fans do because they don't have the same PTSD from many years of failure in the franchise.

One of the underrated aspects of cleaning house from a personnel standpoint as Joe Douglas has done is that with fresh blood there can be a new identity formed fairly quickly.

Jets fans should make sure that they are enjoying this moment, it's one that the base deserves to take in as there has been so much misery around the franchise for such a long time.

The NY Jets are officially out of the NFL's basement and into the playoff picture

The team may not be ready to be crowned as official contenders just yet (although it is possible), but it sure looks like they're not going to be at the bottom of the league as fans have gotten used to.

The real question is how far can this team go? While many people expected to see an incremental jump, this Jets team is close to exceeding the win total that many sportsbooks had for them (5.5 wins) less than halfway through the season.

While this is a results-based league, enjoying the process of becoming a good-to-possibly-great team is what fandom at this level is all about.

The coolest part is that, because there is so much youth at the core of this team, there is still so much improvement to be made. How this group handles and hopefully sustains success from here on out will be very interesting to see.

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For now, it's important to enjoy the ride for the best team fans have seen in over a decade considering the combination of potential and production on display.