NY Jets players troll Tyreek Hill and celebrate huge Week 5 win

NY Jets, Quinnen Williams, Tyreek Hill
NY Jets, Quinnen Williams, Tyreek Hill / Edward Diller/GettyImages

The NY Jets blew out their division rivals, the Miami Dolphins, by a final score of 40-17 in Week 5, and they managed to get a little bit of revenge in the process.

Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill did little to endear himself to Jets fans or players this offseason following his decision to take his talents to South Beach as opposed to East Rutherford.

The All-Pro wide receiver infamously mocked "Who?" when asked if he seriously considered joining the Jets this offseason. As it turns out, the Jets got the last laugh on Sunday.

Not only did the Jets blow out Hill and the Dolphins, but they made sure to let Hill know that they didn't forget his comments.

The NY Jets relished in their victory over Tyreek Hill and the Dolphins

Jets defensive lineman John Franklin-Myers, fresh off his best performance of the season, took to Twitter after the game to ask the same question that Hill posed just a few months ago. "Jets who?"

Hill, himself, was the subject of some momentary embarrassment during the game when he found himself the victim of a Quinnen Williams stiff arm after the star defensive tackle scooped up a Dolphins fumble.

Hill's words weren't forgotten by the Jets who kept receipts, as Robert Saleh would say, dating back to March. Franklin-Myers told reporters after the game that Hill's comments "rubbed everybody the wrong way" and that the Jets "played with a chip on their shoulder."

To make matters worse for Miami, Hill was spotted in a walking boot after the game after suffering an apparent foot injury. Talk about adding insult to injury.

Hill wasn't the only Dolphins receiver the Jets mocked in the game. Jets running back Michael Carter did Jaylen Waddle's patented waddle celebration after his fourth-quarter touchdown.

The Jets clearly took this game personal. They went in with a chip on their shoulder and blew the doors off their division rivals with a dominant fourth-quarter performance that resulted in a 23-point victory.

That's the type of stuff that used to happen to the Jets. This time, it was the Jets doing the mocking.

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Tyreek Hill lit a fire under this Jets team, and he and his team paid for it on Sunday. Expect some fireworks when these two teams meet later this season.