NY Jets offensive grades for Week 3 loss to Patriots

The Jets offense did not receive good grades in Week 3
NY Jets, Zach Wilson
NY Jets, Zach Wilson / Al Bello/GettyImages
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In an all-important early season game for the NY Jets, the offense should have stayed in the locker room most of the game, as the results wouldn't have changed much.

Until the impressive 13-play, 87-yard drive in the fourth quarter, the Jets had totaled exactly 56 yards of offense on their nine drives. It was embarrassing. It was a game that gets guys demoted or fired or released. It was that bad.

With all of those drives in context, as well as the touchdown drive, I grade some key offensive performances from Sunday's loss. Be aware — this one will get ugly.

Zach Wilson, QB, NY Jets

We have to start here. There's no other option. Zach Wilson was unplayable on Sunday, and the decision of general manager Joe Douglas and head coach Robert Saleh not to acquire a quarterback after the Aaron Rodgers injury is already proving faulty.

After a relatively decent week one performance against the Buffalo Bills, it seemed like Wilson might have improved. He then regressed against the Cowboys, but much of that was due to horrific offensive line play.

In this one, the line played just fine. On many dropbacks, Wilson had over four seconds to throw the ball, the Patriots rarely blitzed, and the Jets quarterback had open receivers throughout the game breaking free from a depleted Patriots secondary.

None of it mattered. Wilson was terrible. Any positive progress that had been made this offseason is gone. On two occasions, Garrett Wilson was yelling on the sidelines about being open and not getting the ball.

Michael Carter got into a screaming match with his position coach. At one point, it looked like Garrett Wilson was mouthing to teammate Allen Lazard, "he can't throw it."

When watching live, it appeared that maybe the route concepts were strange, the running game wasn't taking off, and Wilson was put into bad situations. However, watching the all-22 film afterward showed many times where receivers are open down the field, and Wilson doesn't throw them the ball.

It's inexcusable. This is year three. He has gotten exponentially worse as the season has progressed and is once again actively costing the Jets games. Josh Dobbs, whom the Arizona Cardinals just acquired, torched the same Cowboys defense yesterday that Wilson looked amateur against last week. The Cardinals are actively tanking, by the way.

The stats from yesterday are also ugly for Wilson. He finished 18/36 for just 157 yards. He didn't commit a turnover, but his fear of the interception has turned him into a useless quarterback. He also took three sacks for 24 yards, most of them his fault, and finished with a 17.9 QBR.

It was one of the worst games I have watched a quarterback play, and it's obvious his lack of ability is now impacting the rest of the team. It's only a matter of time before he loses the locker room again. For now, it could be Trevor Siemian time in the near future.

Grade: F