NY Jets fans eviscerate Zach Wilson, boo him off field vs. Patriots

Wilson is as bad as he's ever been
NY Jets, Zach Wilson
NY Jets, Zach Wilson / Al Pereira/GettyImages

Following a loss to the Dallas Cowboys, the NY Jets had no hope of beating the New England Patriots in Week 3 unless quarterback Zach Wilson stepped up and started playing like a passer who can win games with his arm. Through the first half, fans have been privy to more of the usual frustrations that come with him at QB1.

Wilson completed just 5-of-10 passes for 29 yards while being sacked two times and looking thoroughly outclassed by the still-inconsistent Mac Jones. Throw in a Patriots touchdown on a busted coverage, and the Jets were swimming upstream all game long.

While some fans wanted to be optimistic about Wilson and how he could perform under Nathaniel Hackett, this first half has been the deal-breaker in the eyes of many. Wilson played so bad that he was booed off the field after dirting a throw on 3rd and 22. Fans are fed up, understandably.

NY Jets Twitter has had it with Zach Wilson.

Legendary Jets quarterback Joe Namath took aim at Hackett and the coaching staff, saying that Wilson's mistakes are so bad they are making him wonder if he is being coached in an appropriate fashion. Aaron Rodgers' advice to "play free" isn't working.

Just when it looked like the worst of Wilson was in the rearview mirror, the combination of Hackett and his own shortcomings have him performing as poorly as he was in his rookie season.

Some writers are asserting that Wilson is playing so badly it is impossible to formulate a winning game plan and run an NFL offense around him. Based on how this game has gone, can you really disagree at this point?

It has gotten so bad at MetLife Stadium this afternoon that some fans have spit out their false teeth just because Wilson has them in a state of pure aggravation. There aren't many quarterbacks in the league who can do that.

Unless Wilson somehow turns back the clock to his BYU days, Jets fans should expect another long day of letting the defense down.