NY Jets locker room 'ready to implode' following Robert Saleh's comments

Trouble is brewing in Florham Park
NY Jets, Robert Saleh
NY Jets, Robert Saleh / Danielle Parhizkaran/NorthJersey.com /

NY Jets head coach Robert Saleh made headlines for all the wrong reasons on Monday following a series of controversial and puzzling comments made about quarterback Zach Wilson and the state of the current roster.

Evidently, Saleh's comments did not go over well with a portion of the Jets' locker room — and it's hard to blame them. Saleh refused to show any accountability for Wilson, even insisting that the team needs to play better around him.

Despite Wilson's historic struggles, Saleh stated that he is the team's "unquestioned quarterback" moving forward. Of course, that could change in the future, but Saleh was adamant about defending his third-year QB.

While it's never wise to single out a specific player, Saleh probably took his defense of Wilson a little too far. Per ESPN's Rich Cimini, multiple players in the Jets' locker room seemingly believe that Saleh came across as a "Zach apologist."

Cimini went on to say that the Jets' defense is "not happy" with Saleh's comments or the current state of the quarterback position. He finished his report by saying that, from what he's hearing, the locker room could be "ready to implode" if things don't improve quickly.

NY Jets players are ready to revolt after Robert Saleh's misguided comments

Saleh's misguided comments this week clearly struck a nerve with those in the locker room. Many believe that if any other player at any other position was performing as poorly as Wilson, they would have immediately been benched.

Saleh and the Jets appear to be holding Wilson to a different standard than the rest of the team. According to Cimini, that seems to be the impetus behind the feeling of unrest in the Jets' locker room.

Cimini also said that the offense isn't happy with what's going on, either, citing sideline blow-ups from the likes of Garrett Wilson and Michael Carter in Sunday's loss to the New England Patriots.

The situation has reached a boiling point in Florham Park. It's one thing for Saleh to defend his quarterback and insist that it's a team sport — that's expected press conference verbiage.

It's another thing to blame every player on the roster aside from the player who's most responsible for the team's struggles. Every player in that locker room, Wilson included, knows who's to blame for Sunday's loss. It's not exactly a well-kept secret.

Saleh knows it, too, which is what makes his public comments on Monday all the more confounding. The third-year head coach is clearly trying to protect the ego and confidence of his young QB, but he's doing so at the expense of the other 52 players on the roster.

Wilson will start this Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs in primetime, but if things predictably go south in that game, the Jets shouldn't hesitate to make a quarterback change.

Robert Saleh risks losing the locker room — and perhaps his job — unless drastic changes are made to the team's quarterback situation. It's not worth dying on the Zach Wilson hill.