Zach Wilson continues to handicap the NY Jets after embarrassing Week 3 loss

It was as bad as bad gets for Zach Wilson and the Jets
NY Jets, Zach Wilson
NY Jets, Zach Wilson / Al Bello/GettyImages
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Zach Wilson was getting booed early and often against the New England Patriots on Sunday afternoon as he struggled to even remotely resemble an NFL quarterback.

He finished 18-of-36 for 157 yards and no touchdowns or interceptions. He was sacked three times, including one for a safety, and almost all of the pressure was his own fault.

He failed to throw to numerous wide-open receivers, often checking down far too late and for a very short gain. He even threw a 4th-and-10 pass, with the game on the line, two yards downfield to a covered tight end with the hopes he would "break a tackle" and get the first down.

More importantly, though, it is obvious that Wilson is impacting the rest of the team again. For the first time this year, fans saw Garrett Wilson upset and dejected on the sideline and saw Michael Carter screaming at his position coach.

The defense is forced to play perfect football every week, and even one mistake, such as the one made by the secondary on the long passing touchdown, can cost them the entire game.

The offensive line is put into a terrible position of being forced to run block against stacked boxes and pass protect on obvious passing downs.

Finally, the coaching staff is forced to coach a game in a "don't lose his confidence" way. It creates bad play design, predictable play calls, basic route concepts, and no chances to stretch the field deep. It's a recipe for failure.

Although much overdue, it's finally obvious to all players, coaches, and fans alike that the Jets must make a move and replace Wilson with a veteran quarterback, and no, it's not Tim Boyle.

Below is an in-depth look at just how much Wilson is impacting the entire team, with some narrative about how they can also play better, in general, in this most recent game against the Patriots.