It sounds like the NY Jets will be getting new uniforms in 2024

Get ready for new uniforms!
NY Jets
NY Jets / Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

NY Jets fans haven't had much to celebrate over the course of the five years since the organization introduced its new logo, color scheme, and uniforms. But for Jets fans searching for change, they might get their wish this offseason.

Rumors have been swirling on social media that the Jets are about to receive a jersey overhaul this year. NFL teams must wait a minimum of five years to introduce a new uniform set, and since the Jets introduced their current jerseys in 2019, 2024 marks the minimum five-year period.

There's evidence to support these rumors, too. A social media account dedicated to tracking NFL team uniforms pointed out on Friday that all Jets jerseys are currently on sale on the team's website. Well, all except for the team's "Legacy" jerseys, which were introduced as a throwback last year.

ESPN radio's Jake Asman is also reporting that "it's a done deal" that the Jets will be getting new uniforms this year. Asman reports that "several people" have told him that the Jets plan to make their legacy jerseys permanent starting in 2024.

Are the NY Jets getting new uniforms in 2024?

All signs point to the Jets officially receiving a uniform overhaul this offseason. The mandatory waiting period is up. All jerseys (except the legacy jerseys) are on sale. There are genuine reports to go along with the rumors.

It seems to be happening, which is welcome news for fans begging for a new Jets identity. Quite frankly, the Jets' identity with their current uniform set is that of a losing organization.

They were introduced just prior to the Adam Gase era. They have the stink of Gase, Sam Darnold, Zach Wilson, and many other Jets failures during that time period.

The Jets are in need of a cultural shift, and while overhauling a team's uniform set may not represent the wholesale changes many hoped the franchise would make this offseason, it could provide a bit of a mental reset.

The Jets are a dismal 27-56 since their current uniforms were introduced in 2019. Only the Carolina Panthers have a worse record over that timeframe. It's time for a change.

The team didn't reveal its new uniform set until April back in 2019, which means we probably still have a few months until any official announcement is made. But new jerseys seem to be on the way.

It's happening Jets fans. Get those credit cards ready.