The NY Jets continue to have Josh Allen's number

The league leader in TDs and INTs has struggled against the Jets as of late
NY Jets, Josh Allen, Quinnen Williams
NY Jets, Josh Allen, Quinnen Williams / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

Josh Allen may be the most polarizing QB in the NFL this season. Someone who was universally considered elite for the last few seasons is now being called a fraud, and a much brighter light is being shone on his annual turnover numbers.

Despite having the second-highest completion percentage in the NFL (70.3 percent) and the most touchdowns (19), he also has the most interceptions (11) and three additional turnovers via fumble.

The NY Jets should be pretty familiar with this because they forced three of those interceptions and one of those fumbles in Week 1’s miracle victory at MetLife Stadium.

In fact, since Sauce Gardner and D.J. Reed have been Jets, Josh Allen has had five touchdowns (two passing and three rushing) and six turnovers (five interceptions and one fumble) in those three games.

The NY Jets have historically owned Josh Allen

His completion percentage has been 61.7 percent, and he’s been sacked 13 times in those three games. This is a remarkable stat because, in the other seven games, he was sacked 11 times.

It’s been obvious that the Jets have had Allen’s number these last two seasons, but has the rest of the league also caught up to Allen’s skill set? The Bills decided to fire their offensive coordinator, Ken Dorsey, and promote their passing game coordinator, Joe Brady, in an effort to avoid answering this question.

That’s tough for the Jets because now there is no film on a Buffalo Bills team with Brady calling the plays. New coaches/players tend to do very well in their season debuts due to this fact alone, but perhaps Jeff Ulbrich and company will prepare for all the possibilities. If there’s any one group to rely on at One Jets Drive, it’s this PFF-No. 1 ranked defense.

So what will we see? Is Brady the answer they’ve needed to get this offense to the next level? Or will the Sauce era continue to lock up Buffalo’s weapons and put the onus on the Jets’ other units to secure a win?