Is NY Jets coaching staff overhaul a sign of bigger organizational issues?

The Jets have lost seven coaches this offseason

Zach Azzanni, Randall Cobb
Zach Azzanni, Randall Cobb / Rich Schultz/GettyImages

NY Jets head coach Robert Saleh insisted in his end-of-the-season press conference that he didn't anticipate making any significant changes to his coaching staff.

He suggested that there may be a few minor tweaks, possibly as a result of external opportunities, but the general message was that the Jets did not expect to make many changes to their coaching staff. That hasn't really been the case.

The Jets have officially parted ways with a whopping seven different coaches this offseason. Some of those coaches left for other opportunities, as Saleh suggested, but others were just let go.

That doesn't include the likes of former assistant general manager Rex Hogan and director of player personnel Chad Alexander, the two highest-ranking front-office executives not named Joe Douglas, who have both moved on this offseason as well.

Below is a list of every Jets coach who has left the organization this offseason:

  • WRs coach Zach Azzanni
  • RBs coach Taylor Embree
  • QBs coach Rob Calabrese
  • Offensive assistant Mack Brown
  • Defensive assistant Ricky Manning Jr.
  • Assistant special teams coach Michael Ghobrial
  • Chief of Staff Steve Scarnecchia

Why are the NY Jets losing so many coaches?

This mass exodus of coaches has led many fans to suggest that this could be a sign of things to come at Florham Park. Are many within the organization already seeing the writing on the wall? Are they jumping ship before the inevitable happens? Is it time to panic?

While the concern is fair, it's probably more so a mix of other factors that have resulted in these changes. The most obvious is that some of these departures are because of external opportunities.

Brown (Seahawks tight ends coach), Manning Jr. (Raiders cornerbacks coach), and Ghobrial (Giants special teams coordinator) all left for promotions with other teams. The same is true for Alexander, who was named the Chargers' new assistant general manager earlier this month.

It's also worth noting that a few of these changes have been voluntary on the part of the Jets. The Jets opted not to retain the likes of Azzanni, Embree, and Calabrese — all three went on to receive similar jobs with other organizations.

There is some degree of truth to the conspiracy theories, however. While these coaching departures are likely not a result of coaches just "jumping ship," it's fair to suggest that many are aware of what is at stake in 2024.

The entire Jets coaching staff and front office are on the hot seat entering next season. There is an informal playoff mandate in place, and if the Jets fail to reach the postseason for the 14th consecutive year, it's likely everyone will be fired.

Coaches and front office members around the league see that. It's partially why, even if the Jets decided to make more drastic changes this offseason, they would've struggled to attract top candidates.

This Jets' regime doesn't deserve the "lame duck" label yet, but they are firmly on the hot seat. There is no mass evacuation occurring within the organization, but there is undoubtedly a sense of uneasiness as far as job security is concerned.