7 head coaches the NY Jets could've hired to replace Robert Saleh

Who could've replaced Robert Saleh?

NY Jets, Jim Harbaugh
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The NY Jets will not be firing Robert Saleh. Jets owner Woody Johnson made that very clear in his public vote of support for both Saleh and general manager Joe Douglas last month.

Despite the Jets' disappointing 2023 season, the organization does not plan to make any notable coaching changes. That includes offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett, any of the team's offensive assistant coaches, and, of course, Saleh himself.

Call it complacency, call it a mulligan — it really doesn't matter. The Jets have decided they won't be making any changes. But what if they did? What if, in some alternate reality, the Jets decided to fire Saleh this offseason?

Who could they feasibly hire to replace him? Here is a look at seven potential head coach candidates the Jets could've looked to hire if they fired Robert Saleh.

7. The NY Jets could've hired Dan Quinn

Dan Quinn has managed to rehabilitate his image and position himself as one of the hottest head coach candidates in the NFL as the defensive coordinator of the Dallas Cowboys over the last few years.

Quinn previously served as the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons from 2015-2020, leading the team to its second Super Bowl appearance in franchise history. He's been interviewed dozens of times over the last few years, but it feels like 2024 could be the year he finally receives another opportunity.

Quinn has ties to the Jets, having served as the team's defensive line coach from 2007-2008. He also comes from a similar defensive background as Robert Saleh, meaning that the transition likely wouldn't have had a significant impact on the Jets' defensive scheme.

Some might scoff at the notion of going from one defensive-minded coach to another, but Quinn brings valuable experience as a winning head coach that Saleh just can't provide at this stage. He would've been a worthy hire.