Kirk Cousins has emerged as potential fallback option for the NY Jets

NY Jets, Kirk Cousins
NY Jets, Kirk Cousins / Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports

As the NY Jets continue to await a decision from Aaron Rodgers, many have begun to express concern for the team's quarterback plan if they are unable to land the future Hall of Fame quarterback.

The Jets have given Rodgers their best pitch, but if he ultimately decides he wants to retire, there isn't much they could do. The team would be forced to resort to their contingency plans, with most identifying Jimmy Garoppolo as a likely target.

But a different, perhaps more appealing, option has seemingly emerged: Kirk Cousins. ESPN's Jeremy Fowler and Dan Graziano discussed potential fallback options for the Jets on Sunday, and along with Garoppolo and Matthew Stafford, Cousins' name was mentioned.

The Minnesota Vikings seem to be ready to rebuild their current roster with a number of veteran players reportedly on the market. Cousins is entering the final year of his deal and isn't a guarantee to be the Vikings' starter in 2023.

Fowler and Graziano insisted that it would make sense for the Jets to check in on Cousins if they miss out on Rodgers.

Kirk Cousins is the best contingency plan for the NY Jets if they can't trade for Aaron Rodgers

Of all the feasible fallback options for the Jets, Cousins is the most appealing. This is, of course, excluding Lamar Jackson, who seems unlikely to leave Baltimore at this stage. The Ravens would very likely match any offer Jackson receives.

Cousins has made the Pro Bowl in three of the last four seasons, and each of his five years in Minnesota would go down as one of the best (if not the best) seasons by a quarterback in Jets history.

He's had weapons, sure, but his offensive lines have been shaky in recent years, while his defense has been a mess. Cousins is a good NFL quarterback, and while certainly not Rodgers, he's a better option than the other possibilities the Jets have.

He's better than Garoppolo and Ryan Tannehill by a decent margin. Stafford might not have 17 games left in his career, given his extensive injuries. There isn't a better realistic option than Cousins.

Unless Woody Johnson still holds a grudge from the entire Cousins saga from 2018, there's no reason why the Jets shouldn't make a call if disaster strikes and they miss on Rodgers.

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Aaron Rodgers is obviously still Plan A, and the Jets hope to hear a decision within 24 hours. But if they can't, Cousins makes a ton of sense.