4 QB options if the NY Jets miss out on Aaron Rodgers

NY Jets, Lamar Jackson
NY Jets, Lamar Jackson / Courtney Culbreath/GettyImages
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The NY Jets held on to Derek Carr as a contingency plan in case they missed out on Aaron Rodgers for as long as they could. And credit to Carr, he gave Rodgers and the Jets ample time to make a decision.

Ultimately, despite Carr's apparent desire to join the Jets, the organization was never able to fully commit to him in the way that the New Orleans Saints did. That's because their eyes remain squarely on Rodgers.

The Jets are playing a dangerous game with Rodgers. Despite the team's best efforts to pitch the future Hall of Fame quarterback on New York, it remains far from a guarantee that he decides to join the Jets.

Retirement remains a very real possibility for Rodgers, at least, if reports are to be believed. It's hard to imagine he wants to go back to Green Bay at this stage (or that Green Bay wants him back), but that can't completely be ruled out either.

The Jets are stuck waiting for Rodgers to make his decision, much like they have been for the better part of the last two months. Until that happens, everything is on hold.

Of course, this begs the question, what if Rodgers says no? What if Rodgers decides to call it quits and walk away from $60 million? What if he forces the Packers' hand and insists he wants to play in Green Bay for another season?

What if the Jets can't land Aaron Rodgers? It's a question that caused mass hysteria following Carr's signing, and it's a real possibility that many probably don't want to consider.

Is it truly Aaron Rodgers or bust for the Jets? Let's take a look at the four most realistic possibilities for the Jets if they miss out on Rodgers.