Jets schedule 2024: Complete list of all 17 games

The Jets are ready to compete for a title.
New York Jets v Miami Dolphins
New York Jets v Miami Dolphins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

While the NY Jets saw their season robbed from them when Aaron Rodgers was lost for the season, Robert Saleh is now officially ready to compete for a championship. The rest of the roster is improved, giving the Jets some renewed vigor as they try to finally get back on the right track.

The Jets' schedule is finally here, and fans can finally take a look at the gauntlet the team will need to overcome. Even against a third-place schedule, the depth and quality of the AFC East and the conference as a whole could be enough to give the Jets some major obstacles heading into 2024.

After Rodgers' Achilles injury threw 2023 in the garbage before it even began, the Jets know the organization will undergo some severe change in the 2024 offseason if they are unable to break their historic postseason drought.

NY Jets schedule 2024: Complete list of all 17 games

  • Week 1 @ San Francisco 49ers (MNF)
  • Week 2 @ Tennessee Titans
  • Week 3 vs New England Patriots (TNF)
  • Week 4 vs Denver Broncos
  • Week 5 @ Minnesota Vikings (London)
  • Week 6 vs Buffalo Bills (MNF)
  • Week 7 @ Pittsburgh Steelers (SNF)
  • Week 8 @ New England Patriots
  • Week 9 vs Houston Texans (TNF)
  • Week 10 @ Arizona Cardinals
  • Week 11 vs Indianapolis Colts (SNF)
  • Week 12 BYE
  • Week 13 vs Seattle Seahawks
  • Week 14 vs Miami Dolphins
  • Week 15 @ Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Week 16 vs Los Angeles Rams
  • Week 17 @ Buffalo Bills
  • Week 18 @ Miami Dolphins

The Jets will open their season with a marquee Monday Night matchup against the San Francisco 49ers. While the schedule eased up a bit after that, the Jets will need to contend with a brutal finish to the season that involves seven straight games against teams who finished last year with winning records.

The Jets have an obscene seven standalone and six primetime games, all of which take place in the first 11 weeks of the season. These include a London duel with the Vikings, two Thursday Night games against the Patriots and Texans, respectively, and two Monday Night duels with the Steelers and Colts.

The Jets will play their division rival Patriots in Weeks 3 and 8 of the 2024 season, getting those matchups out of the way early. New York will take on the Buffalo Bills in Weeks 6 and 17, and they will finish out the year with two late-season games against the Miami Dolphins in Week 14 and 18.